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Oasis of the Seas - Star Class - Royal Genie


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On 2/12/2020 at 6:50 AM, Pookie said:

Jumped back on our ship, watched sail away from our balcony, snuck in a small nap, spruced ourselves up and went to Chefs table.

Eight people did not show for this dinner.  At first they thought it was the family that had the medical emergency but it was not them. That would be understandable.  It was really awful of the no shows to do that after listening to how much time and effort was put into that meal, the timing involved in serving the food perfectly and holding up the rest of us at the table for over a half hour.  

Finally get caught up on this blog and read this on the first of 3 pages. How incredibly rude! Glad that you were still able to enjoy the meal and what was left of the company.

I hope Delaney had an awesome graduation celebration, and that she isn't feeling too depressed now that she's no longer the center of the world's attention. ?

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, very much appreciated! And I might have to pick up one or two of those t-shirts between now and whenever my next Royal Caribbean cruise happens to be.

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