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Oasis of the Seas - Star Class - Royal Genie


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In early 2018, while on Adventure of the Seas partaking in a few adult beverages, the hubster (who I affectionately call Yummy) and I booked our upcoming cruise in February with Next Cruise. Typically, we book suites of one sort or another.  This time, in our "happy & relaxed" state, we chose an Aqua Theater Suite on Oasis of Seas, (choking somewhat on the cost!) as a surprise for our daughter for her graduation from high school. (This will be her first cruise).  At that time, perks were mentioned, but as the cruise was two years out, we did not remember what was said.  (We claim to this day it was not the fault of our refreshments.)

We are almost down to the ninety day mark and we've been reading/watching videos for every scrap of information we can find about Star Class/Royal Genies.  The Live Blogs are a particular favorite. We have combed social media for pics of the drydock process.  Our excitement knows no bounds and we are like little kids who have had too much candy!  I have a tote started with items to go, computer lists... we have vowed to not OVERPACK.  We have vowed to be ORGANIZED for our Genie so he/she will not have to struggle with what we hope to achieve.  I hope to Live Blog and will probably start out doing so. After the first day...who knows... 

I sent this GIF to my daughter this morning with the fact that there will be less than 60 Star Class passengers on board:

 beyonce queen GIF

We would never act this way, but I do wonder if we will feel this way....BAHAHAHA

I would like to thank @WAAAYTOOO, @SweetPea and @Lovetocruise2002 for all the great information they have provided! 

I hope to provide an account of what our experiences are for future Star Class cruisers.


Pookie  (Yummy's pet name for me.)











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Regarding the information of all the sources I have found, there appears to be varying accounts of what and what is not included with Star Class.  For instance, I booked and prepaid for the sushi making class and also the behind the scenes tour.  I'm wondering if I made an error in doing so.  We also thought we would make our dinner reservations, but the cruise planner wants to charge us.  This resulted in me calling RCCL and being told to go ahead and book, they will refund once on board.  I had a feeling I would end up with a bunch of onboard credit if I booked the restaurants.  Definitely didn't want that...

Common sense says RCCL should have code written in to link cabin type with the cruise planner,

 kermit the frog drinking GIF

and would open up a whole other conversation about their horrible website...

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43 minutes ago, Pookie said:

I had a feeling I would end up with a bunch of onboard credit if I booked the restaurants. 

Haha yep.  Same with the activities that you booked.  The Genie will take care of refunding you for all of that if you don't go ahead and cancel before the Cruise Planner closes.  You make sure to tell the Genie that you are interested in the classes and they will definitely offer you the behind the scenes ship tour as well.

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I would only pre-book two things:  Cabana on Coco Cay and Shore Excursions.  All else, let the Genie do it.  The sushi making and cupcake classes are included.  Same with the Escape room and the behind the scenes tour and the bridge tour.  Wait for your Genie.  The money is better in your account than Royal's.  Does not make sense to book it first.

And @Pookie, I think we have the same cabin! 

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I guess maybe I will be next “up”.  We are in the Grand Panoramic Suite on Oasis Dec 1.  We have already received our [useless] questionnaire but have not yet heard from our Genie.

I am a terrible live blogger b/c I don’t take pictures and I only have an iPad so I try and minimize the narratives (to everyone’s relief, I’m sure).  Since it seems that we will be the first to experience the newly amped Oasis is SC, I will make more of an effort than I have in the past.

So excited for you, Pookie (I love both your names !). The first SC is so amazing.  Just wait until you do your first B2B SC. Then you will really understand decadence !

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4 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

@WAAAYTOOO the one thing I am curious about is if they updated the rooms and furniture in the star class suites. If you could check on the ATS, it would be much appreciated. ?

I don’t know that I will have the opportunity to see any of the ATS but if I do, I will let you know.  I can certainly ask.

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We did an aquatheater last summer.  Yes, we felt a little awkward, at times, with some of the bourgeois perks.  One example: we went to the Izumi Hibachi (like a Benihana).  When they served water, everyone else at the table got tap water, but they made a big deal about giving us bottled water.

Also, the daily (hourly?) gifts the genie gave us was way over the top: chocolate covered strawberries, milk shakes, etc.  Once the genie found out which drinks we liked, what snacks, etc. we were constantly finding them in our room.

If we do a star class again, we will definitely curtail some of the benefits. We're simple people who like to be spoiled just a little...

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The Yumster and I spend a lot of time laughing and being absurd.  I found a copy of the initial questionaire and typed it into a document to compile our answers at our leisure.  Added bonus, it draws out the excitement of the cruise, because as we all know, you board the ship and it seems like you blink your eyes and you are already disembarking.

To the question, "If you could invite 3 people-famous or infamous—throughout history for a dinner party, who would you invite?"

My answers (and I know they really don't mean anything, but it is fun to think about...):

happy i love lucy GIF

Lucille Ball for laughs.

Image result for Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo DaVinci for intellectual thoughts.

Image result for tom selleck

Tom Selleck for eye candy. ?


What are some of your dinner guest picks?

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I have a question about the shower in the master bathroom in an Aqua Theater Suite.   I saw a comment on a YouTube video that the height in there was only about 6 feet.  This is concerning as I am 5’9” and the Yumster is 6’7”...can anyone confirm?

too tall guy GIF by Tall Guys Free

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