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Empress B2B 14 nights On The Biggest Little Ship July 2019

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Cruise Summary Don't let the pictures fool you, Empress is not a large ship.  Cabins from interior to suites are not as generous as they are on newer and larger ships.  In some cases the pul

With our fabulous dinner over around 10pm I was too full to retire so I changed into shorts and went for a walk outside on deck 6.  Venturing forward we were sailing into some sea mist from the warm w

I wasn't sure I would live blog this trip but Empress is secret favorite of mine and she doesn't get much attention here in the live blogs. Empress is a small ship yet she doesn't feel small on b

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So, thanks to this friggin' wonderful live blog, I YOLO booked the November 14th. 2020 sailing of the Empress. I'm in a studio ocean view. What made me pull the trigger is there was no single supplement. I had no idea until looking at sailings last night, that the Empress had any single cabins. Thank you @twangster for taking the time to do this.

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40 minutes ago, Zambia-Zaire said:

@twangsterhow long did you set your shutter to take that starry night shot? I will like to try a shot like that.

10 seconds with a small tripod. 

Full details here:




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5 hours ago, Coronadogal said:

Just did Ovation and formal nights were pretty casual. How about on the Empress? 

Formal nights on Empress are not unlike most ships in the fleet but with fewer guests the ones that wear a tux or gown will stand out in the crowd more.

I've seen pictures of the Hotel Director's table where a pinnacle was wearing short sleeve polo type shirt standing beside another guest in a tux.  As long as you don't mind being "that guy" you are fine, just know there will be people more formal than you in the MDR.

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@Coronadogal Hi and welcome to the RCB forums!

Congrats on being just one cruise away from Diamond.  I have good friends on the Empress this week and can't wait to see what they have to say about her.  Based on what @twangster has to say, I wish we had her booked.  We almost did for next spring, but the dates didn't quite work for my wife's job at RISD...

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8 minutes ago, BigD said:

Empress Question. Has anyone stayed in one of the Jr Suites in the stern of the ship. How was the balcony and did the room feel large enough. 


Welcome to the message boards!

I have not but on my multiple Empress experiences this past summer there was another guest who did.  She had to change cabins on each leg and she went between a side facing JS and an aft facing JS.  While normally aft facing is desirable, in the case of Empress the entire JS cabin is turned.  The balcony is long but narrow.  She preferred the side facing JS cabins to the aft facing JS cabins.  She also reported the aft facing JS are smaller and feel smaller.  It wasn't terrible but given the choice she would pick a side facing JS everytime she told me.  

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