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Pre board COVID testing for ALL passengers from Florida Ports though December 2021 Now

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I purchase the annual trip insurance also. But I need to make sure that Covid is specifically included in the coverage. Some carriers require a separate Covid rider. Some limit or exclude coverage related to Covid as well as offering temporary, specific accommodations. In some cases, it is not so obvious that the policy you are purchasing excludes all Covid-related incidents. I suggest actually calling and speaking with an operator and then making sure it is spelled out in whatever policy you purchase.

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13 hours ago, cruisinghawg said:

Who do you recommend? PCR?

 A lot of Airports are setting up testing.  DFW airport (where I fly out of) contracted with a lab company and they provide the range of testing at a few locations pre/post security.  For my Celebrity cruise this month, where the 72 hours before embarkation was specified, I am going to the airport 2 days early (about 70 hours before sail-away) and getting an antigen test done at the pre-security testing facility.  It was $79, results in an hour, and I have the next two days to try a second test, If i got a positive to either determine if it was false, or if it was real.  

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