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A Hole in our Yard - Another Not a Cruise Live Blog


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Thanks for sharing! It is really beautiful. ?  So glad you get to enjoy it during the summer season.

What an experience any kind of major home improvement can be! We had a neighbor’s tree fall on our attached garage during a freak wind event, and the ordeal of an engineer redesign of our roof structure, having it stick-built, along with all the necessary repairs, whew!

Went right into a major master bath upgrade immediately afterwards. Figured we were in that ‘reno mindset’ already. Couldn’t get much more painful, right? ???‍♀️

Went around quoting The Money Pit. “Two weeks, two weeks!” ?


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4 hours ago, JLMoran said:

The pool looks amazing! I also want to see a pic of it lit up at night. Is that something that is also tied to the 1-week service mode run?

Congratulations on finally getting this big project (almost) completed. Hopefully those last few bits will happen quickly and without further incidents.

Thanks! I think so. Only the pool lights (in the water) came on last night. The waterfall lights didn't come on. I'll post that picture when I can get it.

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On 8/7/2021 at 9:59 AM, JLMoran said:

I also want to see a pic of it lit up at night.

Finally got some pictures of the lights.

We had our "pool school" yesterday, and the system was taken out of service mode. We had lots of fun playing with the led lights and turning the jets and waterfalls on and off from an app on our phones. The plaster is still curing, so no heat for a few more weeks. We really won't need it until the end of September anyway. 




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5 hours ago, Neesa said:

@melmar02 So beautiful, much family enjoyment to be had. What was your time line?

Contract signing?

Dig date?


Thanks so much for sharing your journey! So appreciated! 

Too long! ?

We started calling pool companies in the beginning of July 2020. We started with a list of 8-10, and only 2 ever got back to us. Those two came out to meet with us the first week of August. We received the proposals back a couple ofweeks later.


We decided which we wanted to go with pretty quickly and signed the contract/paid the deposit, and started the refinancing process on our home so we could pay for the project. That was the beginning of September. I used to be a loan processor, so they had all the docs they would need right away, but it still took a while because the they were so busy. We closed mid-November and once we had the cash in our account, we told the pool company we were ready to schedule. 

Our dig date was December 28, 2020, and we were able to finally get in the water on August 6, 2021.

We were originally quoted 3-4 months by both pool companies, but now they are quoting 7-12. 

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@melmar02 WOW! We signed in early April after meeting with 3 that seemed responsive. I just cut the grass because even after site visit June 3 they were of course backed up. They called and said our dig date is "sometime next week" but definitely not Monday lol!! Bracing myself for the long haul, again I appreciate you sharing. Enjoy it! Do you screen it in? We are on a pond with gators, we had to cage it in so we can keep our visitors out, they sometimes wander into my bushes, I sure as heck don't want to swim with them. Their names are handbag and suitcase!



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@Neesa I hope your project goes smoothly. The worst part for us was not really being able to use any of our backyard for so long. I couldn't just throw the kids (or dogs) outside to play because of all the trenches.

We just have the 6 foot wood fence around our backyard. It has to have a spring close and alarm per code. The pool itself doesn't have an additional fence or screen. I wouldn't want to swim with handbag and suitcase either, so we would definitely have something if we were in your area. We haven't had any visitors in our pool yet, but we would get ducks, frogs, crawdads, and even raccoons in my parents' pool.

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1 hour ago, teddy said:

Gators in the pool ?

I’ll take snowstorms and subzero temperatures over that, thank you very much. 


I was born and raised in Florida until I went to college here in NC.

We would swim in the ponds with gators, crazy because I wouldn't let my daughter do it nowadays.  Back in the 70's that's just what we did.  


@melmar02it is beautiful!!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  It was great to have something to look forward to in the Live Blog! 

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@WAAAYTOOO asked for an update, and everything is (almost) complete. The decking around the firepit (where it was torn down and rebuilt) was fixed, and sod and sprinklers are in place. We have French drains between our house and the neighbor's which the landscapers covered with sod, so we're waiting on them to unbury the drain grates. The landscape company cut our internet line while digging for the sprinklers. Internet company came out to fix it the next day, but the internet guys cut the backwash pipe when they buried the cable. 🙈 They ran to Home Depot for pvc and fixed it right away. Otherwise everything is done. The pool company provided glass for the firepit - our choices were blue or black. I'm going to take about half of the dark blue out and mix it with a lighter blue and a gold. The pool company installed an alarm on our back door late last week. The final step is for the city to inspect that device is installed. 

MIL came to visit the kids and see the pool at the end of August. It's gotten too cold to swim in the pool, but we've enjoyed the hot tub now that the weather has turned. At this point, I'm calling the project done. Just in time to get serious about our cruise in February! 



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