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SOLOasis redubbed YOLOasis Thanksgiving of the Seas Nov24, 2019 - Dec1, 2019

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I attended the Meet & Mingle held in Boleros.  They set out cookies and coffee.


They did some Royal swag giveaways. My mother is now a proud owner of a Royal Bingo 2XL tshirt 🙄 She lives for this stuff.

The next thing on my agenda was the Top Tier party.  When you don't have a drink package you.take advantage of this always.  Free bloody marys and mimosas and rum punch etc.  But first I had time to kill so I buzzed the Windjammer.  It was busy as expected but I was able to snag some sustenance and take off quickly. 

I live for this stuff..


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I got off the elevator and decided that the least I could do was help guide him all the way to the act of this ship to Windjammer. I asked him if he minded me walking with him to the Windjammer and he

"You kids get off my blog!" 😂😂

Royal nailed everything here.  The sets and costumes were great.  All of the actors and actresses did a good job.  Singing and dancing was excellent.  It appears to be updated and modern. 

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37 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

Then it was off to the top tier party.  It was held in Studio B..so bonus score, no sun and air conditioning!   And free drinks..


I ran into the Hochbergs and @Matt bought me a free bloody mary.  What a guy!

For the new guy?  Top Tier party?  How does that work/get invite ?  I am Gold status by marriage :1_grinning:.  My 1st RC sailing will be next Dec!

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55 minutes ago, DublinFC said:

For the new guy?  Top Tier party?  How does that work/get invite ?  I am Gold status by marriage :1_grinning:.  My 1st RC sailing will be next Dec!

You get an invite in your stateroom.  I think it's for anyone that has sailed before.  It's usually on the first sea day; just look for it in the Cruise Compass.  If you don't formally get an invite walk in like you own the place.  No one asked to see my card or invitation 👾

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Never trust the app.  They say places to eat are closed and they aren't.  

Izumi sushi for lunch.


Poke bowl, no rice.


Champagne lobster roll


The app also let me do this...


I can make reservations in the app for multiple specialty restaurant visits within the same day.  I had previously been told one reservation per day and other venues drop in only as space permits.

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On the way to Izumi we had cut through what I dubbed the smoky ATM.  But on Oasis, this is no longer the case.

Yes, it still has this smell of smoke but it appears they no longer give you the option to charge to your room via the slot machines as I had experienced with other ships.  You now tap your card to access your casino account.


This is fun because people tend to forget to log out of their account leaving innocent bystanders to gamble on their accounts and earn them more Casino Royale points 😱.

It also is frustrating folks trying to tap their cards when others forget to log out.

You can also charge your phone at the machine.


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17 hours ago, AshleyDillo said:

Beers on tap:


Strongbow, Heineken, Newcastle, Budweiser, Bud Light, Blue Moon, Miller Lite, Brooklyn Lager, , Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA, Terrapin Hopsecutioner, Funky Buddha Floridian

Okay, I've had dozens of things I've wanted to comment on but was waiting until I caught up, then I see this.  

At first I thought it was goinna be the usual blahblah craftnotreallycraft beer, but hey, there are a couple of excellent choices!

Funky Buddha is a great brewery (they made a beer solely for Coco Cay!), and the Sculpin, Terrapin, and Brooklyns are all solid options.   

Too bad I only drink liquor when I'm cruising.

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What is missing (or at least it was for me) was the feature to charge to the room.  This used to allow you to add money to play on the slots and just have it charge your onboard account. I used this to just cashout and effectively turned the slot machine into an ATM.


The ROOM CHARGE option is missing from Personal Banker.


It also didn't want to let me transfer my $5 promo credit either.

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