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SOLOasis redubbed YOLOasis Thanksgiving of the Seas Nov24, 2019 - Dec1, 2019

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I got off the elevator and decided that the least I could do was help guide him all the way to the act of this ship to Windjammer. I asked him if he minded me walking with him to the Windjammer and he

"You kids get off my blog!" 😂😂

Royal nailed everything here.  The sets and costumes were great.  All of the actors and actresses did a good job.  Singing and dancing was excellent.  It appears to be updated and modern. 

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Uber ride from the hotel to Terminal A was $9.83 and came with a free backside tour of the port.  Roads were blocked the usual way in for a run/race/something I'm too lazy to understand so the GPS diverted to the backside.  We ended up U-turning and breaking traffic rules and after a scolding by a nice cop we were on the right path.  

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And round one of the is Izumi Hibachi included in the dining package has begun.  😂😂 @ChrisK2793

First the reservation taker at CP150 says it isn't included.  She calls someome on the phone.  My mother is reading the terms off the website to her 😂😂.  Now she's showing the reservationist.

And backup appears with another cruiser who said she's gonna have the same problem.

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And another officer says it's something new that it is no longer included with the package but they must not have updated the site.  

But end result for us is reservations made.  Next battle shall come when we try to pay when dining.

Round 1 for the little guys!

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So after struggling to open that balcony door I finally un-toddlered it at the top and opened the door.  Apparently Im on the hump which has a bit deeper balcony than my last Harmony oceanview.


And my neighbors are inviting me to party...that's their balcony since the divider is open.  I will follow up if they are nice or if I need to remind the steward to close the divider..maybe.




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