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  1. Good to know. When my husband and I traveled to Ireland, the first time I straightened my hair, it fried it 😂 Not cool!
  2. @twangster Thanks for the tip. I just ordered one!
  3. On our last cruise, the Top Cruiser on board (2800+ points) asked for something different each night. He got them all family style so we could all try them. My favorite was the Jerk Pork. He also ordered some fried rice of some sort but can't remember exactly what it was called. They have so many different options but most of the time you need to tell them the night before so that they can get it prepared.
  4. We used birth certificates because my step son and niece didn't have passports. We also got an authorization letter signed from my niece's mother stating it was okay for her to come with us and for us to make decisions for her. Last year, they didn't ask for the authorization letter but we don't want to take the chance! Have so much fun!
  5. I'm on Oasis December 8th and booked solo because it's such a great price! I would be sad if it got cancelled because I've never been on Oasis class but I wouldn't be TOO devastated because I am sailing on Freedom December 29th for a B2B!
  6. I would definitely recommend Adventure. That was our "home ship" for many years in San Juan and we were so sad when she left! She's a wonderful ship and I love the layout of Voyager class ships. Enjoy your cruise either way! 🙂
  7. @Galveston Steve Hi there Steve! I have read a few of your posts about parking but they seemed to be a little dated so wanted to check with you about it. Do you know anything about 81st Dolphin Parking? We used EZCruise Parking last year but 81st Dolphin seems to be a little cheaper. I can't find that many reviews online so just wanted to make sure we weren't making a mistake 🙂 Thanks for you help!!
  8. I have 2 questions. Has anyone ever done an excursion at Bengal Falls in Falmouth? And do you think it is safe to book this through Shore Excursioneer? We have used the website to book excursions in the past on other Caribbean islands but wasn't sure about Jamaica. Here is the link for the excursion. https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/falmouth/bengal-falls-white-water-river-rafting.html. We are looking to avoid the long drive to Dunn's Falls but still doing something fun close by. Thank you for your input!
  9. On Freedom in January, it was on the menu but I'm not sure if they are revamping it and taking it off or what.
  10. Last time we visited Antigua, we took a taxi to Dickenson Bay and had them drop us off near the Sandals resort. From there we went to the left and there was a beautiful beach where you can purchase chairs/umbrellas. The picture of me is next to the huts on the Sandals beach. My husband is standing in a little bay area that has nice, calm water. The third picture is pointing the opposite way from where our chairs were. The beach was really nice and long to walk as well!!
  11. On Freedom last month, we saw popcorn for the first time ever on a cruise. They mainly had it in the theater for shows. Even though it's crazy to pay that much, my husband loves popcorn so we bought it a few times. Who cares? We're on vacation! 😄
  12. Thanks @twangster! I had read this a few weeks ago when we were booked for this itinerary but went through it again today with the pictures back on there. Those are so awesome! We had to move to the week after due to school being extended (snow/ice days) and I'm bummed not to be able to visit Roatan and Costa Maya.
  13. Hello! Every time we visit Barbados, we go to Boatyard Beach Club. http://www.theboatyard.com/adventure-beach It is $25 per person to enter which includes a chair, umbrella, snorkeling, a ride back to the ship, and more. We have eaten at their restaurant several times and the food is always great! We recommend the hot wings! 😄 I have attached some pictures. One of them is looking out at the ocean from the restaurant. It is a great place and actually our favorite beach in the whole Caribbean!
  14. Carambola Beach Club is a short/cheap taxi ride from the port and is beautiful!
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