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  1. On Freedom last month, we saw popcorn for the first time ever on a cruise. They mainly had it in the theater for shows. Even though it's crazy to pay that much, my husband loves popcorn so we bought it a few times. Who cares? We're on vacation! 😄
  2. lauraodonnell86

    Liberty 2/25/18 7 Nights

    Thanks @twangster! I had read this a few weeks ago when we were booked for this itinerary but went through it again today with the pictures back on there. Those are so awesome! We had to move to the week after due to school being extended (snow/ice days) and I'm bummed not to be able to visit Roatan and Costa Maya.
  3. lauraodonnell86

    Beaches of Barbados

    Hello! Every time we visit Barbados, we go to Boatyard Beach Club. It is $25 per person to enter which includes a chair, umbrella, snorkeling, a ride back to the ship, and more. We have eaten at their restaurant several times and the food is always great! We recommend the hot wings! 😄 I have attached some pictures. One of them is looking out at the ocean from the restaurant. It is a great place and actually our favorite beach in the whole Caribbean!
  4. lauraodonnell86

    St. Kitts

    Carambola Beach Club is a short/cheap taxi ride from the port and is beautiful!
  5. lauraodonnell86

    Adventure of the Seas- PR/St. Maarten

    Hello! For St. Maarten, we have booked this tour a number of times. You really can't beat it for the price! You have a couple hours at both Maho and Orient Beach (they will substitute it for another beach if it not in good condition) and all drinks are included the whole time. The tour guide is always very informative during the drive to the beaches and we always have a great time!
  6. lauraodonnell86

    Bonaire Snorkeling Excursion Recommendations

    For anyone wanting more of a personalized experience, we booked through Renee 2 years ago and it was fantastic. She used to be a Marine Biologist and could point out every fish along the way to us. Some of the fish would have completely been missed if she hadn't pointed them out to us. She keeps the groups very small (4 people in ours) and it is $45/person. I would highly recommend booking a tour through her!
  7. It may not be the most fun for teens but we have gone to Carambola Beach Club several times and it is a wonderful place! You can snorkel from the beach on your own and there is a little secluded area right next to it that is great for snorkeling. I think the taxi ride is $8 per person round trip but it's been 2 years since we have been there so don't quote me on that. Good luck!
  8. lauraodonnell86

    Just For Fun Show Us You Best Cruise Photo

    Aruba a couple weeks ago. ❤️
  9. lauraodonnell86

    Western Caribbean Beach Ideas

    Well, we had to move the cruise back a week due to snow days pushing school late. So now we are going to Jamaica, Cozumel and Grand Cayman. I am bummed to miss Costa Maya but excited to visit Grand Cayman for the 1st time. We missed it last year due to a medical emergency.
  10. lauraodonnell86

    For Fun - Do you Repeat Ships?

    As you can see in my signature, we have done Adventure a number of times (7) and have Freedom booked for several as well. We base the ship off of where we want to cruise from (mainly San Juan) so we are at the mercy of RC. Luckily, we loved Adventure and Freedom is also wonderful!
  11. lauraodonnell86

    Aft Balconies

    @Vacation Crazy, @twangster answered the questions exactly as I would have. They aren't private but we didn't feel like people were looking at us all of the time or anything. The sun just depends. A few times, it was very sunny but I like it that way! I think 9406 will be a bit more shaded due to the side walls. 9404 only has the wall on 1 side so the sun really came onto the balcony if it was positioned right. We had full sun mostly all day coming back from the ABCs on the final sea day.
  12. lauraodonnell86

    Aft Balconies

    We did have a wonderful trip, thank you! I have attached some pictures of stateroom 9404 on Freedom of the Seas. Honestly, we probably wouldn't book it again. I've heard great things about aft cabins and I wouldn't hesitate to book another aft, but not this corner aft on deck 9. I have read that corner aft balconies below deck 9 get bigger as you do further down and we could see that to be true by looking at the ship from port. The cabin category is 6D which I believe is the cheapest (smallest) balcony category and it definitely felt small. We had less storage than previous balconies and it had the smaller couch rather than full size. As you can see, there was a large beam on the balcony that caused some issues with the chair arrangement. There were 2 lounge chairs, 2 regular chairs and a table but there wasn't enough room to use all of them so the loungers stayed stacked together and were used as a foot rest 🙂 The views were great though and we have no complaints there! We knew the people next to us in cabin 9406 and so we got to see their balcony and it was HUGE! We are booked in that cabin next year and I'm excited to try that out for ourselves! I believe the room is still a bit smaller but at least the balcony is a little more functional. After a day or so, we were fine with the size of our room. Hope this helps everyone!
  13. lauraodonnell86

    Western Caribbean Beach Ideas

    Thanks @Matt! I was actually looking at Paradise Beach and saw that it might be a good fit for us. I will check out Krazy Lobster! Just excited to be back on board Liberty!
  14. lauraodonnell86

    Western Caribbean Beach Ideas

    Thank you @WAAAYTOOO! I appreciate the input! I will be looking into those!
  15. lauraodonnell86

    Western Caribbean Beach Ideas

    Shorter rides are fine (15-20 mins) and if they aren't real crazy, maybe a little longer 🙂