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  1. Honfleur was lovely. Full of character! Cobbled streets with lots of little restaurants and shops. There was a carousel when we were there which the kids loved.
  2. Howard


    Just stepped on board Navigator and stop at Lisbon is a couple of days. We don’t fancy doing an organised excursion but would rather go for a quick stroll into the city for an hour or so. We have an 8 year old & a 13 year old with us so with that in mind - what I’d the one thing you would recommend we do/visit/see in Lisbon? Many thanks......
  3. That’s the first thing I’ll be doing once we board. Ok, the second thing after getting a nice G&T! Thank you all for your replies.
  4. How does one pay for the Arcade games? With the sea pass? How much do the games cost (roughly)? (Obviously I’m asking for the kids!)
  5. 2 to 3 hours with a fair wind behind you.
  6. Thank you both. Honfleur it is!
  7. Thank you Ray. To everyone else - Sorry to have stirred up a hornets nest!
  8. Might anyone know when the formal nights are likely to take place on Navigator’s 7 night cruise to France, Spain, Portugal?
  9. Any ideas for excursions at Le Havre? We have 2 kids (aged 8 & 13) so would like to avoid long coach trips.
  10. Do junior suites offer any perks? All of the suite related perks I’ve seen exclude junior suites. If it makes any difference, this question relates to Navigator of the Seas.
  11. Thank you both. Much appreciated.
  12. Good morning to you all. We have not cruised for several years (took time out to have kids) but now we are back (albeit a little rusty on how this all works). We have booked with the delux drinks package which I understand, covers beverages up to $12. If you ask for a drink over this limit do you merely pay the difference or the full amount. I’ve looked at the T&Cs but cannot find the answer. Many thanks.
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