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  1. First, thank you to all who post on this site. I have found the posts to be extremely helpful and most all of them are so polite and friendly. We took our first RC cruise in September and it was wonderful, partly due to all of the tips I got here. We have a cruise booked for this August, going to Havana and Cozumel-Havana being the draw. The Best of Havana excursion looks good, but 8 hours is a long time. I would welcome any and all recommendations. We are 2 active women in our 50s traveling with kids and their friends in their 20s. Our interests are eclectic but certainly include
  2. It can be really cold in there, though.
  3. We took a wonderful cruise with our adult children in September. It was a fabulous family vacation. We had our two sons, our daughter and her boyfriend and my husband and me. My husband and I had a spacious ocean view cabin. I would not have wanted even one other adult in there. We got inside staterooms for the kids. They were fine with that. It gave us all some privacy, but we also had plenty of time together. We did let our daughter and her boyfriend share a cabin-didn't love that, but they are living together and got engaged shortly thereafter.
  4. We used the text feature on our cell phones to keep in touch with the kids. We had the basic internet, one device per person, and found it was worth it to keep up with where everyone was. Also, we could include each other in spontaneous fun activities.
  5. I have tentatively booked the 7 night cruise for July 2020. We are late 50s but young at heart and very active.
  6. When will the 2020 European sailings be released?
  7. We were not bothered at all by any motion on the Navigator in August
  8. We had the drink package on the Navigator of the Sea a few weeks, and i found myself asking for lighter pours. I found the entire bar staff to be "heavy handed". I needed to be able to get back to my cabin at the end of the evening.
  9. Just wanted to update. We did keep the BOGO and really enjoyed it. I went to Chops as soon as we boarded and made reservations for Giovannis the first night and Chops the second night. The next morning, I saw that lobster was on the MDR menu for that night and went back to Chops and rescheduled. BOGO is supposed to be restricted to nights one and two, but i had no trouble switching it to night 4.
  10. My daughter found a better solution than the lanyard. We had an internet connection that we used to find each other on the ship so we had our phones with us. She put her Seapass in a "phone wallet". I was very jealous. I tried hard to find a phone wallet for myself, but they didn't have any in the shops on the ship, nor could i find one in port. If you have your phone with you, the phone wallet is much more convenient than a lanyard.
  11. Our family did the BOGO package. For $30 per person for two dinners, we thought it was worth it. We loved the main dining room. The only complaint anyone had was that the lobster was a bit tough and flavorless. I had nothing but great food in the MDR. in fact, we were offered a great deal on a third night ($10 per person) but decided we'd rather stick with the MDR. We did really like Chops Grille and Giovannis, but not that much more than the MDR.
  12. I just got off of a 7 day cruise from Southampton. Being a geographically challenged person from the US, I don't know if we went through the Bay of Biscay, but I will say that the first night was slightly rough. Not sea sick rough, but slightly tipsy rough (or was that because I took full advantage of the drink package?). The people on the ship were truly lovely. We met many people that we thoroughly enjoyed and did not encounter anyone that I would describe as "chavvy" per the definitions given above. In fact, I did not really even seen any rude behavior at all.
  13. Again, I cannot say how much I appreciate all of the help and advice I have found on these forums, both in response to my questions and by reading in general. We leave soon, so my questions will then stop (at least for this trip ). We have an ocean view balcony and our adult kids have interior rooms on the Navigator. Will we have shampoo, conditioner and shower gel or do we have to bring our own? Thanks again.
  14. I did not see that the hibachi was not included but that's not a big deal. I did wonder about how I would find out where we are assigned, but it sounds like I can just go and ask. Thanks.
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