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LIVE from San Juan and Adventure of the Seas - 2/22 to 3/2!

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On 3/2/2018 at 7:59 PM, KLAconQueso said:

Officially earning the title of worst live blogger ever - I am so sorry for not staying up to date. This is officially live-ish and I will be absolutely leaving official reviews on everything we did by Sunday evening. That said - Good Times Catamaran in Barbados is officially my favorite excursion I’ve ever done. 

That said, we are currently abusing the last of our drink package in the pub and I’m maybe not entirely sober. 



Kayla you should clean the lens on your smart phone/camera. It's not doing your husband any justice, looks like he left his razor home! :3_grin:Glad you're having a great cruise!

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I'm a little over excited, so I'm going to go ahead and start the thread and give a bit of a cruise preview. If you guys have any questions or things you'd like me to check out, post it here! Thi

Waiting for @KLAconQueso live blog like

As discussed, here’s a few villa pictures!  3 bedroom (1 queen, 2 double), 2.5 bath Villa located in Old San Juan. AirBnB host has been great, and the property and location are incredible. 

Posted Images

Sorry again for the lateness! Turns out getting home was a little more difficult than anticipated. 

Disembarkation from Adventure was pretty easy - we did self-carry disembarkation around 9:30 AM, and the line getting through customs was fairly quick. Ship to curb, around 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind, due to damage they're still dealing with at Pan-Am Pier you will be embarking and disembarking at level 1 at San Juan. Getting a taxi was pretty easy as well - if there are more than 6 in your group, plan on splitting between two taxis. Getting back to the airport from the port is ~$30 plus $1 per bag. 

Due to all of the super fun storms hitting the east coast, our first leg of our flight got delayed enough that we were going to miss our connection in CLT. Due to some kind of miracle, all 12 of us were able to be moved around to different flights later on in the day. So, we spent about 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM at SJU following the cruise. We landed in ATL around 8 PM, and made our final leg back home putting us in Dayton, Ohio around 11 with an hour drive back home on top of that. Needless to say, we were all exhausted and ready to be home. Yesterday was a day of recovery (and also green juice and other healthy things).

... so, that's why I haven't followed up quite yet. The specific excursions I will be reviewing in greater detail:

St. Maarten - Bernard's SXM Tours (spoiler: book it!)

St. Kitts - Island History & Rum Tour (spoiler: maybe pass on this)

Antigua - Valley Church Beach (spoiler: go!)

St. Lucia - Jeep Safari & Beach Break (spoiler: book it!)

Barbados - Good Times Catamaran (spoiler: book it IMMEDIATELY)

I'd also like to talk a little bit more about the main dining room and other complimentary dining, as well as our feelings in the interior promenade cabin. As mentioned, I DID save all of our cruise compasses and I will be sure to get those to Matt quickly. 


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On 3/1/2018 at 12:56 PM, Floski said:

I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but can one legally bring a few bay leaves back to the states.


Please...don't judge me for my stupidity.

So - dried spices and hot sauces seem to be okay. Before we were able to even get to ticketing at SJU, the US Agriculture department was screening bags for that kind of thing. Not worth it! 

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On 2/25/2018 at 5:57 PM, enjoylife5 said:

Have a great time! I really enjoyed that route last year.  I'm going again in a few weeks.  I'm curious about the VOOM on your trip, i'm hoping it has improved since the last dry dock.  Last year it was not worth the money we spent, but I'd love to purchase it this year if its improved.  Please let us know what you think. I hope it gives you the capability to scope and post pics! Enjoy!

I had VERY good luck with VOOM - besides some slightly slower upload/download times, I was able to do everything I needed to do with ease.

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20 minutes ago, KLAconQueso said:

Yes! This was able to be booked in the Cruise Planner ahead of the cruise, and I also saw it advertised on board early on in the cruise.

Thanks, it’s not in my cruise planner, I sail on may 18th so maybe it’s all booked up. I’ll keep checking or follow up once we board. I’ve heard it’s a fun night.

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1 hour ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

UGH.  Sounds like a horrible return trip...but I am glad that you are home safely !!

It's better than the few minutes half of our group were thinking they'd be spending an extra night in San Juan after they told us they didn't have enough places for us! 

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3 minutes ago, Beyond Vertical said:

Hate to beat on my old drum, but did you make it up by the new rooms on deck 12? Any updates on status?

So, I didn't get to walk back in to them, as the area was taped off (literally, with masking tape) and smelled like fresh paint at the end of the cruise. Progress is moving along! 

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6 hours ago, Ogalthorpe Haywood said:

Thanks, it’s not in my cruise planner, I sail on may 18th so maybe it’s all booked up. I’ll keep checking or follow up once we board. I’ve heard it’s a fun night.

We're on May 18th too!  Did you see that there is a big boat race our day in Port Canaveral?  Whole area is going to be busy.  Not sure what you've got planned for the day, but our plans have now drastically changed.  We were going to meet up with periscoper friends at Grills for lunch, then take an Uber or shuttle to Cocoa Beach for leisurely walks along the beach.  I'm hoping we can at least get off for lunch, as the races are at noon and 2, hoping everyone vacates the port area to go to Cocoa Beach to watch.  But Race Village is located in the port (Fishlips) so not sure how many stay around.  Then I guess back on the ship. :( 


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No I had no idea, thanks for the heads up. We were thinking about going to cocoa beach as well but with this info we will rethink our plans. We did the same  itinerary last year on Anthem and they made everyone go through customs drastically cutting into our time so we didn’t do anything. Got off then had to wait an hour to get back on. 

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12 hours ago, KathyC said:

@KLAconQueso something Josh said in his live blog reminded me of a question about Adventure.  Now that they have Izumi, did you notice if is there still a Jade section in the Windjammer?  

I don't recall seeing Jade featured in the Windjammer - I think now it's just an "International" section as it is on most ships. 

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