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  1. A recent experience. We sailed on Nov 3, 2019. Left the hotel in a Uber at 11AM, arrived at the port at about 11:15, checked in and walked right on board at 11:30.
  2. There are many nice hotels near the port since the Convention Center is adjacent. The area is full of restaurants, there is a nice waterfront walking/cycling path or you can book a float plane tour and see the local countryside (very scenic mountainous region. Do a Google search and I'm sure that you will find something that meets your needs.
  3. My only caution is this: We reserved a similar type of excursion from Port Canaveral only to find out during the cruise that it was cancelled due to insufficient participation. Left us without anything to do but more importantly, no transportation to the airport. Have plan B if you want to do this.
  4. Second this. As soon as you board, visit a specialty restaurant and inquire about your night 1 (or 2, depending) reservation. You can change that if you wish and also reserve the other two nights. We have never had problems getting our venues and time of choice following this approach.
  5. Park Café in Central Park, Deck 8. Try the Kummelweck roast beef sandwiches. Solarium Café is also another option. Neither requires fancy dress and are usually less crowded than the WJ. That said, it can depend on what time you board.
  6. Right you are! Should have looked there first. 🥴
  7. When does Air2Sea send out confirmation numbers? After final cruise payment is made?
  8. … and so have I. 🤩 Your typing look fine, at least those parts which are in focus. Please concentrate more on typing in focus so that the west of us,... I mean rest of us, can enjoy your post... And you should see a doctor about that cough before you depart.
  9. Van Fleet's comment is correct that the hurricane season is generally characterized by high pressure and calmer seas, but his comments don't address the effects of the storms themselves which can really churn up the seas. The National Hurricane Center has had large swell warnings up for the Bahamas, Bermuda and parts of the southeast coast USA on a fairly regular basis during the past several weeks due to the series of storms that have track through the vicinity. If you go here and click on the North Atlantic region, you can see the effects of the recent storm: https://www.oceanweather.com/data/ Symphony is likely expecting to encounter swells from hurricane Jerry.
  10. For me, it's more fun to buy the equivalent number of beers and just sing the original beer song.... 😉
  11. We did this on Oasis last year on a sea day and really enjoyed the morning. Met in Izumi at 10AM and made 3 different types of Sushi. The chef is always available to assist and provide tips and your finished product becomes your lunch for that day. They did not allow us to take unconsumed sushi out of the restaurant, so it was a big lunch and many could not finish all that they made. Overall, I would recommend.
  12. What do you call a thorough review of all excursions in Colon? ... a colonoscopy....
  13. ...and many reviews of Enchantment mention the poor maintenance of the ship, noting the rust stains and other visible wear. Good to see that the crew is concentrating on the really important aspects. But maybe I'm in the minority; some rust stains and railing finish don't really impact my overall experience.
  14. Well, hopefully RCI is beginning to recognize that rules and policies mean nothing if they are not enforced. Imagine the uproar if formal night or "dress to the nines" was enforced at the MDR.
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