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  1. Up until about 9 years ago, the Sorobon Beach Resort was clothing optional. Obviously, things have changed. 😀
  2. If you are a Foodie, or interested in the local cuisine, check out Nicole's Table. Excellent setting in a private home with great views, excellent food that everyone helps to prepare and rum punch. Plenty of reviews online (e.g., TripAdvisor, etc), or just visit their web page (https://nicolestable.com/).
  3. Latest I heard a couple of days ago was that an American couple have progressed well to the point that they may be allowed to fly back to the States to continue treatment. That said, they received burns to <30% of their bodies. The more seriously injured were burned over 90% and it is likely that they will need a lot of further care.
  4. You've got that Kentucky sense of humor... but you forgot to purchase the all-day excursion to your current place of employment?
  5. You're right. Easiest solution would be to state the rules specifically so everyone is aware ahead of time. But I'm not surprised about the restrictions. My guess; On the zip line, a shoe comes off and would fall 9 decks onto public space. On the rock wall, it falls 40 feet and might hit or distract the individual holding your tether line. As for the abyss, there are several threads describing brush burns that occurred if an arm was extended. Long sleeves might offer some protection.
  6. Definitely a best; the one that floats. Kidding aside, agree with Matt; the ship that you happen to be on.
  7. It's a grand conspiracy. The reality is that modern cruise ships are designed so that they are completely stable even in the roughest of seas. No movement whatsoever! It's the land that's moving after you disembark. Tectonics theory have yet to explain the phenomenon...
  8. Dress code is pretty lax at all venues on formal nights. Some in tux and gown, many in suits or business casual. Just don't show up in your Speedo and sun glasses.
  9. Not my mistake, but... A few years ago a neighbor and some of her family members booked a cruise and asked my youngest daughter and a friend of hers to come along. We paid our share and threw in some discretionary money. Well, the friend didn't realize that she needed her passport to board and showed up with just a drivers license. She was denied boarding, and the rest of the party couldn't leave her abandoned at the port some 700 miles from home, so the entire trip was aborted. They ended up finding an inexpensive hotel on the beach near the port and spent the 4 days as a beach vacation.
  10. … and the last thing on your checklist should be to not to get bent all out of shape if you forget to pack something on your checklist. Check?
  11. You won't need binocs to see Kraken. Visit any bar and view the stuff up close and personal...
  12. Recently, I spotted a few yellow duckies lurking in the vegetation in Central Park on Harmony.
  13. Yes! We needed a photo ID to re-board in Nassau. Check the Cruise Compass; it will indicate what you need to get back on the ship.
  14. Hmmm. For Allure next July, no discounts for dining, but drink package reduced to $57 from $60. No thanks. We paid $46pd on Freedom earlier this month and the same for Oasis last November. Will keep looking but so far, not impressed.
  15. I would agree that the guitar player in Central Park is what the OP is probably referring to, but the Polish performer Wojtek Kozikowski performed several sets on various days in the Schooner Bar on Freedom during our cruise earlier this month. He was excellent and if you have a chance to attend one of his shows, do not miss.
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