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  1. We are on the December 2. We can wave at you as we leave the ship.
  2. Found a video on the wet dock for Adventure earlier this year. Adventure of the Seas Wet Dock
  3. Quick *bump* Royals site shows the pano state rooms avail after March 4. Has anyone seen any photos of these rooms yet?
  4. I was able to locate my cruise but my C&A number is no longer linked
  5. Hate to beat on my old drum, but did you make it up by the new rooms on deck 12? Any updates on status?
  6. Have a great time!! Psst...Sneak in to the new area on Deck 12 or even the new sun deck on 13. :P
  7. Looking at excursions for our upcoming cruise in December on Adventure of the Seas. I am thinking that Nachi Cocum (sp?) in Cozumel would work that day. Any other recommendations for any of the ports. I know that some of the extended family wants to see some Mayan ruins. December 2 - Leave Fort Lauderdale December 3 - Sea Day December 4 - Grand Cayman December 5 - Costa Maya December 6 - Cozumel December 7 - Sea Day December 8 - Disembark Fort Lauderdale
  8. Doesn't suprise me. If you go look at Deck Plans via the main website it shows a current deck plan after May 4, 2018
  9. The original release referred to only the Suites receiving updates. Do the pool loungers look new?
  10. Someone want to go knock on one of the pano staterooms and sneak a pic. he he Maybe just some pics of that area?
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