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  1. Its fun to hear about Matt/RCB on another media. I feel like I know him, yet we've never met.
  2. Geeez, promises to call back failed. RCCL is slacking.
  3. How long is each evaluation period? 6 Months or a year?
  4. Sadly, while planning my upcoming Alaska cruise on explorer (I'm missing the group cruise by about three or four weeks). Every time I try to plan an excursion or any other thing that's fun, I've been getting this error screen. The other picture was stealthily taken by the photographer as he watched me yell at the internet. That's me working on a yacht, using my hotspot to surf the rccl site and fantasizing about cruising (and not working) on what is essentially a MUCH bigger yacht. The background blur is actually angel island in SF. But I digress. I keep getting the error page when I want to
  5. Haha. It's almost comical at this point. At least the thing I like to do (search for cruises I want to go on) still works. Plus, I'm too far out from my next cruise to be concerned. Others in here may not be so lucky.
  6. Well, almost a month later and I still don't have half the options working. No countdown clock, etc. Hmmmm
  7. I think I speak for a majority of people when I say I definitely do not have a countdown at all. It's Clear your website is better than mine haha #BlackCats
  8. I found a solution to the website! It's booze. As for my cat, he can't be bribed into accepting anything but purrfection. He also knows "too soon" of a roll out of a website when he sees one. Happy Friday!
  9. Looks like a link was changed and they added eDocs option. Unfortunately, none of my cruises are less than 90 days out. Stateroom details & eDOCs
  10. Looks like things are working a bit better on my end. Cruise planner connects to my 2 cruises without a 404 error or issue. Still no way to find the countdown clocks without digging deep or using the old website via @twangster link he provided.
  11. Still too far away.... OMG I just saw you're in the 30's on your countdown....awesome. Have a great trip!
  12. rjac - that link works best for me. I can access my 2nd cruise that won't show up on the new platform. IMO the site is now on a basic functionality basis and using these backdoor threads is the only way to get things done. It really is a head scratcher on why this continues to not get fixed. I truly can't imagine a person who normally cruises a different line, to visit the site and succefully book a cruise. No less schedule excursions. Anyway... it's fun to see my first ever post on this blog flourishing with opinions and visitors. It's a pity the subject matter isn't more fun....like a Royal
  13. As I was on the phone with CR (Casino Royale) booking a Deluxe Drink Package ($45PP/DAY, not bad IMO) I asked about the website. I find the CR operators are a bit more open about answering my sometimes bizarre questions(compared to the regular RCCL phone line). In this case, I was told web site things are going to start getting better Monday, but not completely fixed. Of course everything we are hearing on RCCL end should be taken with a grain of salt...as they are trying hard to do damage control, I am sure. Like @Matt said above, give it a day or two. Although I myself am heavily addicted
  14. Totally. I'm waiting until they fix this pile of burning rubble
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