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  1. Sabor was my ultimate favorite on the Allure! If you like Mexican food I'd highly recommend it. While you do have to pay, I find that the prices were very reasonable for how much food they served. We ate there almost every day for lunch when I was on the Allure!
  2. I sent a DM to RC on twitter and asked for more info on the refurb and asked if all rooms were updated and they simply said that they are still gathering information and that the Adventure of the Seas would have more upgrades throughout the year
  3. Aw, man! I was hoping for a refurbished room when I heard they were making some upgrades. I have an inside promenade room on the Adventure in May
  4. Thanks for sharing these pictures! The room looks amazing. Does anyone know if all the staterooms were being refurbished? I guess it would seem silly if they only upgraded a few cabins, but ya never know!
  5. @KLAconQueso I can't wait for your live blog. I'll be on the Adventure in May so I really look forward to your pictures. Do you post just here or use an IG to also document your travels?
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