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  1. You might want to check your junk email folder too.
  2. We got our latest 49 days out, when is your cruise?
  3. We were on the Liberty on 2017 when our cruise was extended 5 days by Hurricane Harvey. Everything on the ship was half price for the extra days, drink packages, specialty dining, even spa treatments. And we were not charged for gratuities on the additional days. But I can't say for sure that they are handling it in the same way currently.
  4. Why only 200 passengers? Where were the rest of the passengers? Seems like there might be something missing from this story.
  5. I tried that once and won't do it again. I can verify that is exactly what happens, you get called to security to retrieve your luggage.
  6. No, unfortunately, the Windjammer will still be packed...
  7. I remember the jackpot bingo where the jackpot would roll over to the next day if no one won, of course no one won it until the last day of the cruise. I believe the jackpot was determined by the number of cards sold during the cruise. That last day of bingo was always in the theater and was always PACKED, the jackpot being in the thousands by the end of the cruise. Is this still being done?
  8. The $55 price is the discounted price. On the cruise planner it states "price shown reflects your discount". Whatever price is shown on the cruise planner is what the price will be per day, per person, before gratuities are added. I just ignore all their percentages and BOGO hoopla and just look at that price. If you already got it for $46, keep it.
  9. The Costa Maya cruise ship area does have a pool but not a beach area that they let anyone use, at least not when we were there last September. Although it looked like there was a beach area that they might have used in the past or were working on it for future use.
  10. September 11 2019, Enchantment of the Seas
  11. We have an aft corner JS booked on Enchantment for a 5 nighter out of Galveston for Sept. 11th. We now have an opportunity to bid on an upgrade. It looks like all the suites are booked for this cruise so I have a feeling my chances for actually getting an upgrade are slim, but realize if I do bid and get the upgrade I will be locked in. But we already have a pretty cool room with a unique balcony, do I really want to trade that in for a bigger room, bigger bathroom and suite perks? This is only our 2nd JS booked, have never stayed in a suite room and have never had an aft balcony room.
  12. This would depend upon your tolerance for crowds. We did Mr. Sanchos in 2017 when there were at least 5 other ships in, I thought it was too crowded but a lot of people love Mr. Sanchos. They have plenty of room there but they definitely stack the people in. Pros, lots of activities for teens and a nice sandy beach, plenty of loungers were available but most were not in the shade. We will be in Cozumel in September and will be going to the Occidental through Resort for a Day, but we are looking for a nice relaxing beach day.
  13. It made it taste better too! That was one of the relatively new balcony cabins on deck 12 of Liberty, right by the spa. Those new rooms are way up there but the area is very quiet and we would definitely do it again if available.
  14. An oldie but a goodie, The Bloody Mary
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