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  1. I enjoyed your travel diary. My first and so far only solo cruise happened in July. I enjoyed myself, and the only time I felt slightly out of place was when a dining room attendant asked if I was solo. I said, “Yes.” The attendant asked somewhat incredulously, “Why?” Other than that awkward moment, I loved people watching and reading books on deck with a cool drink. There are lots of ways to enjoy a cruise, as your travel diary highlights. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I’ll be on Majesty on Monday. This is my second time on that ship. I love the 7th floor promenade that encircles the entire ship. A shady spot to enjoy watching people strolling by, the ocean breeze and view. I know they have her going out of Nola next year, but I anticipate that she will be reassigned to a sister cruise line soon.
  3. Happy anniversary! For what it’s worth...we did Mystery dinner (during our cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary), and I did not enjoy it. My husband and I were seated with a family where 3 of the 4 attendees seemed to have been signed up against their will. They didn’t participate in the conversation, and it made for an awkward evening that I wouldn’t want to repeat. Other tables seemed to be having a great time, so perhaps it depends on who you are with (and what you are drinking). Here’s hoping you have a great time!
  4. I recently made a FB comment on skipping specialty dining because I am vegetarian and found the meals options to be acceptable but nothing special. Several replies suggested I should ask the wait staff for more options. My uninformed query would likely be along the lines of “what can you make that’s vegetarian, delicious, and doesn’t have raw onion?” So, this question goes out to vegetarian or vegan experienced cruisers...what has been a RC meal/entree/salad/snack that you loved? I’d love to know what to ask for or seek out.
  5. Does this 10 drink card offer come late in the cruise, perhaps after the cut-off date purchasing a drink package? The OP said it was on day 3 of a three-day cruise. I'd love to hear from those who took advantage of it. Pros? Cons?
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