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  1. this sounds like a fun vacation. wearing a face diaper in the 95 degree caribbean sun... being forced to take your temperature.... being followed by big brother. So glad i got my refund. I'd rather go to the the beach for a week and not be harassed. No thanks.
  2. why do we need a vaccine for a 99% cure rate virus? Bill Gates and company can shove MUH vaccines where the sun don't shine. I won't be injecting their chemicals, thank you.
  3. I’ve been waiting for my taxes, etc defund. I noticed just now that RCCL credited a card that I didn’t make the payment of the cruise on? Check your other cards folks. Still No FCC email yet . I guess they still got a week( according to their email ) I’m ready for a cruise. Let’s get out there !!
  4. I filled out the form and submitted on3/28. Got an email from Royal on 4/20 saying my money will be refunded since I submitted the form after 4/8? I called RCCL and figured no big deal, they’ll surely give me the 125% on board credit. I got 2 VM from rep saying she’s working on it , but I didn’t submit on time So they are not sure what to do. Thank goodness I did a screen shot on my phone showing the date. I sent her that screen shot saying I submitted the form and it showed the date. Now, here’s the head scratcher. RCCL is bleeding cash. I am saying to them...Keep my money for 10 months ( nex
  5. concierge lounge by far. the drinks ( beer, wine, soda) run 11-11. The coastal kitchen is a great smaller dining venue option. We ate there for most meals. We were on Harmony and the diamond lounge had no windows and it was very crowded. It was on deck 3 or 4 and felt like the basement. we went there one time just to check it out. Drinks were limited to a smaller time window.
  6. So our 4 night Mariner Cruise was cancelled , however, Royal offered to move our reservation to Harmony. It was a shortened cruise( 3 night) .we took their offer and they gave us 2 night FCC( which has already arrived). Everything worked out. They gave us our same state room ( did the Royal Up for a OS). Our concierge , Mohamed, was awesome. We ate in The Coastal Kitchen every night( daughters food allergies - just easier). Great substitute cruise..
  7. Not that I ever considered NCL, but after watching this.. I.sure as hell never will now. They kept people behind a locked gate, in a small shed, and on stationary buses with no food or water for hours. What is this company thinking!! https://www.fox8live.com/2019/09/04/nearly-passengers-stranded-after-cruise-line-diverts-course-hurricane-dorian/
  8. Update: Wow what a series of events. RC cancelled the sailing. They are offering a Harmony sailing on Sept 5th. If we can’t do it... then it’s a full refund with a 2 day FCC added on. Prayers for the folks in the the Bahamas ...
  9. as of 9/2 6pm RC says no changes to current itinerary. Sailing at 9pm Wednesday and going to Coco Cay Thursday . But Port Canaveral is closed and the winds will be worse Wednesday … is it me....or is this just whacky ??
  10. there is no way this ship is sailing wednesday night.
  11. So I got this email below. Looks like Disney cancelled their same 4day today . They gave full refund and 25% FCC . Any experiences with past RC cancellations and the compensation offered?
  12. Hi Folks update : looks like they’ll do the right thing. I called at 5:30 and a rep on the phone confirmed the same thing. I’m hoping they don’t go back in their word. Stay safe....
  13. Thanks... already did the twitter thing. I can't believe the lack of communication by RC. I saw their website updated the itinerary and that's what prompted me to call and ask. No emails, phone calls or anything. Very disappointing
  14. so, our cruise out of Port Canaveral is being cut from 4 to 2 nights. Basically... its an overnight cruise. Rep said if you go... we'll give you FCC for the pro-rated days you missed. We'll pro rate everything . I said.. what if we don't go? He said.. we'll give you FCC for the price you paid for the cruise less taxes, etc towards another cruise. He quoted me the amount I paid, which didn't include my accepted Royal Up bid. I then asked...what about the Royal Up? He said, i need to ask my supervisor. Put me on hold and came back and said, "My supervisor said sorry, but you forfeit that Royal U
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied. This is exactly why I joined this board. There is little chatter/pics/video on JS Aft for Mariner and those that I saw disappointed us because the super structure was so prevalent. It looks so far back too. What we did see was mainly from Explorer. I scoured the internet and YouTube looking. If anyone has actual pics of an actual JS Aft room on the actual Mariner on the 7th deck...that would be great. We are hoping for the best and it would be great if we become AFT converts.
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