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  1. That exactly was our first cruise experience. We took the kids on majesty, but in each port they pointed at the carnival and disney ships and asked why can’t we be on that one? Luckily we gave crusiing another try with a freedom class ship, but I agree majesty and others are not a good advertisement for the “trying out cruising” market.
  2. Leaving San Juan & Final Thoughts We waited on Deck 4 for an 8:30 am departure. They called us about 15 minutes later. Note, there are 2 stations to scan out of the boat, the furthest one had no lines. It took about 40 minutes start to finish to find our luggage and get through customs line . We still had a few hours to kill before our 1:30 flight and didn’t want to sit in the airport any longer than necessary. We found a tour guide outside the terminal who took us and our luggage through old San Juan and surrounding areas then dropped us off at the airport. He was happy to ad
  3. Day 7: Sea Day We took advantage of our last chance to not set the alarm clock and ate a late breakfast in the dining room. After breakfast we high-tailed it to the deck 12 to make the most of our final sea day. It was windy and the boat was rocking a little that day and there were plenty of lounge chairs to choose from. We watched the Zumba class and pool deck games. I ate a final lunch in the Dining Room with my daughter. Lunch in the dining room is really a treat and I’m surprised more people don’t do it. They usually have a nice salad bar, selection of desserts and some fun entr
  4. Day 6: Aruba After breakfast in the main dining room, we left the ship an hour early to shop and buy our Aruba Alex and Ani bracelets. Excursion: After shopping, we met back at the port building for our excursion-KuKoo Kunuku bus tour. There is no mistaking you’re a tourist driving through town in a loud, brightly colored party bus shaking maracas! The added touch is the driver plays fun party music, sings to you and each window is fitted with maraca holders for each passenger. It is truly is unique and makes you feel apart of the “happy island.” In addition to the peppy ambiance,
  5. Day 5 Curacao: We intended for Curacao to be a nice easy day exploring. We had a nice breakfast and took our time leaving the ship. I immediately fell in love with Curacao. All of the colored buildings are fun to see and the port is landscaped well and very inviting. There are plenty of places to walk around and explore. We walked off the ship, crossed the famous floating bridge and enjoyed walking the streets and shopping. I was really impressed with the shopping here, more so than the other Caribbean ports we’ve visited. Excursion: We really wanted to take a tuk tuk tour b
  6. I apologize for not finishing the blog during the trip. It was a challenge for me to find enough internet time to myself. I still took notes and picture with plans to share over the next few days. Props to Matt & Michael Poole who obviously spend so much time of their own vacation to compose and post their posts! Sea Day 1 I welcomed our Sea Day by sleeping in and having breakfast in the main dining room. While everyone was still waking up I took a walk outside on deck 4. It's a nice underused section of the ship. I later met up with the kids to spend the rest of the
  7. Day 3: St Kitts Today our RCL Kayaking/Snorkel Adventure left at 8:30 am. We met just outside the ship and loaded in a van for a short drive through town, the airport, Timothy Hill and to Friar's Bay. We received a short tutorial on kayaking and kayaked towards a floating dock. There we switched into snorkel gear and spent probably an 45 minutes or so snorkeling around. The water was a little murky from the last storm, but there was still much sea life to be seen. Our guides were lively yet professional and I thought they did a great job with our group. They even offered to take a girl i
  8. DAY 2 St Thomas: We intended to attend a local church service (something we’ve always thought would be interesting to do in port), ride up to Paradise Point and visit Magen’s Bay today, BUT we overslept so late we even missed breakfast! So for plan B we grabbed a slice of pizza and found a taxi to take us to Magen’s Bay for a few hours. The taxi cost $10 each way per person. Magen’s Bay charged $5/person.Twelve and under are free. The ride itself was quite scenic and high so that somewhat made up for missing Paradise Point. It turns out Paradise Point tram was closed today
  9. Embarkation Day: We made it! (Is anyone just a little bit sad when you no longer have a countdown?)We arrived by taxi to the ship about 1:20. The taxi from the airport cost us $31 for 6 people and luggage. The baggage lines were the longest, but after baggage, we quickly moved through the other stations for boarding. Overall, it took us 40 minutes from curb to ship. One advantage of arriving that late was that our rooms were ready. We went straight to our rooms, unloaded a little and then grabbed lunch at the Windjammer. It did not disappoint and crowd level was minimal. Awesome!
  10. It's Almost Time! We are just about packed and I'm giddy with excitement! We'll take a red-eye flight Friday night, with a layover in Charlotte, and arrive Saturday morning in San Juan. From the airport, we''ll take a taxi straight to the ship and get the fun started. Think they would let me stop to get some bottled water on the way? Normally, I would prefer to arrive the day before and explore San Juan more, but given the uncertainty of power and hotel arrangements post-hurricane, my travel agent advised us to fly in the morning of. Plane tickets were tough for this itinerary. They ju
  11. HI there! I'm sailing on Adventure out of San Juan on Saturday, stopping in St Thomas, St Kitts, Curacao & Aruba. I'm kind of silent member, I listen to all of Matt's podcasts, and peruse the blog and forums quite a bit, but dont speak out too much. :) I've learned so much here and would love to help pay it back and help contribute. I'll possibly blog here each day, if there is anything you want to know, feel free to post here and I'll see how I can help. **5 days and 23 hours, but who is counting?!**
  12. Thank you for the follow up! Looks like a fun trip!
  13. Thanks for the blog! Liberty is our favorite ship as well.
  14. Have a great time! I really enjoyed that route last year. I'm going again in a few weeks. I'm curious about the VOOM on your trip, i'm hoping it has improved since the last dry dock. Last year it was not worth the money we spent, but I'd love to purchase it this year if its improved. Please let us know what you think. I hope it gives you the capability to scope and post pics! Enjoy!
  15. Is the only way to prepay gratuities over the phone? Can it be done online anywhere if we’ve already passed final payment?
  16. Thanks for the input everyone. I do love that ship and the itinerary. Hilton notfifed me that I still have room at the Hampton Inn, although Embassy Suites will not open to the public until April. I’m going to go through with it, purchase trip insurance and pray for better air fares! Thank you for listening!
  17. Thank you! I will look forward to your live blog!
  18. Hi there. I took a few months off of following all of my cruise sites, so Im behind on all of the cruise news. I booked a cruise leaving San Juan in March and just received word today that my hotel reservation through Hilton has been cancelled due to hurricane renovation. It suggested changing to another Caribbean destination. I kinda figured By March things would be up and running better? I also noticed the last time i was on cruise planner there weren’t a lot of excursions options for my itinerary. Does this mean the ports will have limited options too? My final payment is due this w
  19. Thank you everyone. That is reassuring. Love these forums!
  20. You're right. I hope Royal continues to add more slides to the other ships. Adventure, the other ship with fun slides, has more travel expenses associated with Puerto Rico as well. I'm struggling with that as well. We booked Adventure for Spring Break, because we have done Liberty's itinerary enough, but I might have to rethink it, I can't seem to find a plane ticket under $700 :(
  21. Hi there my trusty cruise friends. I'm planning a cruise for March and was wondering if there are significant differences in cruising Eastern Caribbean vs Western? I've done Western many times so I'm interested in trying Eastern, but something tells me I've read the weather is worse in Eastern during the winter months? For us its all about escaping the cold. Is the water colder? Greater chance of having ports cancelled? I know you you have the answers!
  22. Are there any more ships, other than the new-builds, scheduled to get the waterslides added anytime soon?
  23. Just a follow up. Voom worked consistently for me each day as for messaging, Facetiming and Snapchatting. At times it wasn't the best connection but still able to communicate. It struggled to load a lot of pages and stay on top of email. So it met our needs of keeping in touch with the kids, but I feel it could still use some upgrades to warrant the "surf & stream" title and price.
  24. I see many ask about the best time to arrive and avoiding traffic at Port Everglades, but I am curious, what is the WORST time to arrive? Is there a time frame that is typically most crowded and should be avoided there, or at any of the ports for that matter? BTW love, love, love this blog and the periscopes. It has been so educational and helpful in planning my trips!
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