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Wonder of the Seas delayed?

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10 minutes ago, Matt said:

Every Royal Caribbean ship that I've covered in the life of this blog pre-Covid has

But none during/post covid have (Odyssey).  🤣😂

PS, I'm on the 3/4/22 sailing so I hope it's back to normal.  I was also on the 7/3/21 alleged sailing of Odyssey, which is where my "fear" comes from.

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On 1/18/2022 at 4:36 PM, FF86 said:

It's a worldwide issue at this point, it's the global supply chain that is disrupted.  Just do a news search for any country and "supply chain issue" and you'll see.

I guess you missed perhaps my poor attempt at humor. Also, just thinking out loud here, Maybe RC has in fact anticipated this issue and moved WOTS to Marseille approximately 2 months ago and will remain for another 2 months. This quite possibly will give enough time for any issues in the supply chain. 

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Ok here’s the latest I’ve found from WOTS Facebook group. It does sound very hopeful at the moment lol…..

My daughter quarantining on that beautiful ship as we speak 👍🏼😍
she’s a cast member that’s flown in from Australia to perform in the Aqua Theatre Show InTENse. Has been onboard for the last 8 days quarantining and doing zoom rehearsals until quarantine finished 😉Getting ready for when the big beauty sails! 👍🏼


And then this pic from Ready to Cruise who apparently is pretty reliable



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2 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

Is "Ready to Cruise" a blog, a website, or an FB Page?  It's not showing up in searches

Not sure who they are but I did ask the mom of the daughter who’s on the ship about what her daughter knows: 

Jill apparently the ship is leaving France on 27th, but I know it’s got to head to Cyprus  to pick up more cast and crew (dancers that my daughter was originally suppose to fly with to Miami with have now had their flights changed to Cyprus) They fly on the 30th from Australia. Then I’m assuming it will head back to Ft Lauderdale/Florida for the inaugural sailing? 🙏🏼 My daughter hasn’t been told anything different, but she is full steam ahead with rehearsals and has just come out of quarantine on the ship and says it’s AMAZING! Said she has sore knees from all the walking as it’s so big! 🤣🤣

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On 1/18/2022 at 5:22 PM, 12thman said:

Could you please link this video I'd like to see this. My TA hasn't heard anything of this. Why would only this TA know this?

*it was talked about at some point during this live stream. I have seen it mentioned multiple times on the RCI Crown and Anchor Society FB page posts.

Believe me, I am not happy if this is a baseless rumor. I was asking because I was pretty upset when I heard it mentioned as we are booked on a sailing in March and I wanted to find out the truth.


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On 1/22/2022 at 11:46 AM, Longhorn Cruiser said:


That would be a great if the rumor proved true, all 5 Oasis Class ships together for a big photo op. If that happens they have to put Oasis in the middle although she isn't the newest ship she is the ship that started it all. 

Just my opinion LOL.

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