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Allure of the Seas - September 5-12, 2021 - Blogging My (Attempt to Keep the) Keto Diet on a Cruise

PG Cruiser

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Some people want to take on the challenge of staying on the Keto diet even while on a cruise.  I'm one of them.  So this "blog" will be mostly be about my attempt to face this challenge. I don't think I can do a purist (clean) Keto diet, I wouldn't even call it Low Carb.  At best I can just minimize the carb intake.

Let me start with my first meal onboard:
Salad with Roast Beef from Park Cafe

(I asked only for the meat intended for a Roast Beef Sandwich)



Can you see that I'm flaunting my RoyalComeback wrist band?



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Temptation at Sorrento's

Before going on the Keto diet, I was a Ninja Turtle... I LOVED PIZZA!  I can finish two large pizzas in one sitting.  On cruises, the first place friends look for me is at Sorrento's.  Whenever I'm out of sight, they'd assume I'm there.  So this is going to be one of the toughest battles in this challenge for me.

Pepperoni Pizza at Sorrento's  (I only took a picture, I swear)


What scares me is that I have visited Sorrento's more than any other place on the Allure since I got onboard yesterday.  I think I have to practice what I preach about "fleeing from temptation" ha ha

Prosciutto at Sorrento's  (At least there's something I can get from there)



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12 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:


Moment of weakness in the stateroom

There's one "Welcome" cookie missing from this plate due to a lapse in temperance.  Why did I keep these welcome gifts in my room? 


I would say that rather than a moment of weakness it was evidence of supreme will power. There is no way I would have stopped at just one when there were more on the plate! Keep it up. You're doing really well. 💪

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Breakfast at Solarium Bistro

Scrambled Egg with Assorted Cold Cuts, Cheeses, and Grilled Tomatoes
(Issues:  Nitrates and nitrites in the cold cuts, but I don't think they serve uncured meats on the ship)


I was heading to the Windjammer but I wandered off into the Solarium.  I'll never figure out where Forward and Aft are on a ship no matter how many times I've gone cruising.  Good thing I remembered @Matt's post about trying foods at the Solarium Bistro.  Thanks for the tip, Matt!


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