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2 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

You shouldn't have lost the OBC. I transferred NextCruise OBC for a canceled cruise onto a new cruise.

That isn't guaranteed.

If there is another cruise option that works you can often retain the OBC but I have had several where they either didn't offer the ability to move or I didn't like the only options they would allow.  

For example, Royal moved my 2 bedroom aquatheater suite on Allure to a two bedroom grand suite on Liberty.   My choice was to accept that or ask for a refund.  If I accepted it my $400 OBC would be retained.  I did not accept it and lost my Next OBC.  Moving to a different ship was desired but declined by Royal.  My only choice was Liberty or refund.

In another example an Ultimate Panoramic Suite on Oasis was cancelled when they chartered the ship.  The two dates offered as an alternate did not have any Star Class Suites available.  In that case they didn't offer any cabin as an alternate and I was forced to accept the refund.  I lost $300 in Next OBC.  

When booking non-suite cabins Royal has more inventory to work with so they seem willing to bend the alternate ship and sail date rules more.  When suites are involved, especially Star Class, Royal will often not offer any alternate so Next OBC is lost.  

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The OBC from "booking onboard" (Next Cruise desk) is supposed to remain valid. As an example, I have a booking that is on it's fourth ship/sail date yet still carries the appropriate amount of OBC (based on category and length of cruise). 


But an old joke is that if you want two different answers from Royal, call three different times (Carnival you only call twice for the same effect though ;>)

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Just passing along a story about NextCruise to help with your decision.

In August 2019, my wife and I booked an August 2020 cruise at the NextCruise desk. We paid the reduced deposit (non-refundable) of $100 pp and got $100 OBC.

Thinking we were doing the right thing, we paid off the cruise before final payment date.

Cruise was cancelled and we opted for the full cash refund. However, $250 pp was given back as FCC. We were expecting $100 pp since that was deposit. Apparently, according to our travel agent, if we didn’t make any payments, we would have gotten $100 pp deposit as FCC back.

But since we paid for the cruise in full, the deposit refund issued was upped to $250. Therefore, we didn’t necessarily get “all” of our cash back.

In the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t a big deal since we used the $500 to put a deposit on our August 2022 cruise.

I’m sure somewhere along the way we signed something that laid out the refund policy for NextCruise. Just a heads up!

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On 6/18/2021 at 10:02 AM, LovetoCruise87 said:

I wanted to find out if anyone has booked their next cruise by using RC NEXT cruise program. I've always thought of doing that but never have. Advice, pros and cons?

We booked our 3rd cruise through Next Cruise while on Enchantment. It was an okay experience. I enjoyed the $500 OBC we got (the biggest perk in booking on the ship) and the chance to talk to someone was nice. I will say, it's like anything else in life, experience in booking does depend on the agent. While the agent we had on Enchantment wasn't bad, I do wish she had been more informative. Compared to an agent we spoke to on Liberty, the Enchantment agent felt like she was just there to press buttons. The agent on Liberty was able to talk about what to do at certain ports, what ports were best for flying in, what ships had what features, and why we might even like ships we hadn't considered. She also knew a little bit about Celebrity's itineraries.

I already know I plan to make a couple of trips by the desk on our next trip to talk to several people and ask a million questions.

TL;DR - worth it for the OBC and chance to speak to a potentially uber knowledgeable human face to face; experience varies by agent.

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