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5 minutes ago, Jason12 said:

We’ve used RC air to the Spain, Italy and the US many times mainly with jet2, Virgin and BA and live in the UK and others from other euro countries have done the same, no upfront payment etc All done over the phone since the online option was removed  👍😎

Thanks Jason that's great news did you phone the UK number or a US agent? 

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3 minutes ago, Morganno said:

@Jason12  Do you have to include the flights with the initial booking or can you phone them up to add flights later? 


Sorry for the questions and thanks for taking the time to answer. 


PS I love the photo with homer. 🙂 

I’ve done both and removed booked flights when we see a better deal👍 

and what you mean that’s a photo of me 😂

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Just want to say "Kudos" to the Air2Sea team...from my original booking of 30 airfares to the full refunds to all 30 of us once we cancelled with Cruise with Confidence...to booking new airfares for our "new" cruise now totaling 32 passengers 😲!! All with no hassles and courteous staff.  Last night I saw much cheaper air prices so called and although it took 2 1/2 hrs speaking to Mildred at Air2Sea every one of us saved over $150!! 

My family (13 of us) alone saved $2,000.!!!!  As I have said before...my rebook has been so much cheaper all the way around and I am just praying that April 19, 2021 my family and friends of 32 awesome people will be sailing away to our cruise vacation!!  And hopefully planning for our next cruise adventure too!!

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On 8/31/2020 at 3:48 PM, Jason12 said:

I gambled and booked our flights to Sydney and return from Singapore for March cruise, I booked a fantastic price in business class Qatar qsuites fully enclosed suite, if things are not back to normal their confidence policy is good👍 

Well Qatar cancelled our flight to Sydney, they offered an alternative or refund, we took refund as I don’t see Australia opening up for cruises this season maybe September 2021, we will try again once the world reopens 😎

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