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Lift and Shift on cancelled cruise???

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7 hours ago, PPPJJ-GCVAB said:

Also if we had sailed in 2020 all 5 grandkids were 12 and under...rebooking to 2021 only 4 are considered kids and if I move to 2022 only 3 will be "kids"!!  Ughhhh this is getting complicated! 

My memory is failing me in my old(ish) age, but I know someone on the boards was in a similar situation where their kid was 12 on the original booking and 13 on the L&S date, and they still price protected it at the child rate.  I just can't remember who it was to confirm for you. ☹️

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7 hours ago, CJS2766 said:

Add me to the list of confused/not getting it! 🤣🤣 Here's my situation. I have a Nov 8 cruise on the Oasis. While I am hopeful, I doubt it will happen. It's a 7 night cruise. I paid it in full a long time ago. Now, if RCG cancels this, I would assume I can left and shift, right? Problem is, when I looked into 7 night cruises to the Caribbean next November, all I saw were two 6 night and two 8 night cruises neither of which are going where I am this November. Of the 2 options, I prefer the 8 night on the Odyssey. So, how would I figure out how much extra this would cost me? I have a great deal with a balcony this year. I'm just nervous that I will not get as nice of a room if I have to end up moving it to next year. Thanks all!

We're literally in the same boat. My one I expect to not go is Nov 1... So I've been looking and lots of giant boat options for Nov 2021... I see the 6 and 8 you're talking about but others are 7. East, West or with Perfect day... 


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