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Europe Here We Come! Vision of the Seas July 29,2019: 12 day Mediterranean/Greek Isles


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After the rain passed it turned into a gorgeous don't day.  The heat has definitely broken... It's still summer but the nights are cool and it hasn't been deadly during the day.  We wandered all over the Gothic quarter... Kinda following the lonely planet waking tour and stopping when we wanted.  We finally found Madison her espadrills (she has been looking for months for the pair she wanted!), Watched street performers, enjoyed the many plazas and basically got a feel for the old area.  It was a cool way to spend most of a day.  





Did I mention more gelato?  It may be a theme!!!

Ones to the ramblas.  It was an interesting area...my favorite part was the huge food market.  I will be honest... There is so much being sold on the street that it is overwhelming.  I actually felt pretty safe but it was daylight and nobody grabbed anything. 








After wandering all day we ended up at a horrible little cafe for dinner... It really wasnt good.  We have found that the than the pizza find, we have ended up mostly in tourist trap eateries because of where we are staying.  But that's been ok....I think actually we have been spoiled by the amazing tapas place we have at home!  Jane

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Today!!   Almost caught up!  And happy 29th anniversary to me!!!!   Cannot believe we are spending it here in Barcelona! 

   We had gone back and forth whether to try and get ourselves to sitges, a beach town best Barcelona.  We found a tour that combined it with a trip to Tarragona to see the ancient Roman ruins.  We left at 830 (walked a half hour to get there... Which was awesome!  I have over 6 miles a day walking here to balance out the gelato!).  It was amazing!  Tarragona has an incredibly well preserved aquaduct you can actually walk on top of!  It was so cool.  In addition the city has an ampitheater, a circus, City walls... It was amazing!  Cannot wait for Rome and Athens!  





I can't believe NONE of my ampitheater pics were on my phone lol!! I'm an awful blogger!  You will have to come to Tarragona to see it! 

   Then it was on to the beaches at sitges.  We decided to do lunch first at a cafe for, what else, cheese and ham table and paella.  Oh yes, and finally tried cava sangria...yum, just yum!  



I keep forgetting to take pics BEFORE we eat most of things!!!


   We spent about an hour in the water and on the beach with a beautiful breeze blowing and incredible waves to jump in!  It was totally packed so I'm glad we didn't spend the whole day, but we came home tired and  happy!  




So by the time we showered and packed it was close to 9...we decided 2 Spanish heavy dinners was not going to happen, so we did the pathetic American thing and ate Five guys with an amazing view of Sagrada familia!  I know... Pathetic!  


Finally impressions of Barcelona:. We enjoyed it but not as much as Paris.  4 days was plenty and we feel we missed some things we wanted to hit (the Miro museum and the magic fountains, and a few better restaurants) but overall had a nice time.  We enjoyed the openness and ease of the Sagrada neighborhood but wouldn't be opposed to bring closer to old Town.  Our favorite things were Sagrada familia and the neighborhood Cafe by the Picasso museum that was totally off the beaten track! 

   And so tomorrow morning we board vision of the seas!  Apparently the last sailing had some tough weather and seas (they were unable to go to Santorini and the water is really rough right now as they head towards Barcelona.  We forgot to buy sea sickness meds for Jeff just in case so I will try and do that tomorrow morning!  Hoping we get calmer seas!!!  Jane

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32 minutes ago, NC350 said:

Loving this review! Can't wait to read more. I'm a converted to Royal girl after a B2B Rhapdody of the Seas Greece / Croatia cruise and want to take our kids back! Getting some great ideas .... 

I'm glad!!   We are scheduled to go on rhapsody next spring break for a western Caribbean cruise... Hoping we can take it as my husband hasnt sailed out of Tampa and we've never been on her.  However, the Europe bug has us bad and we might try to go to England, Scotland and Ireland next summer... Money with a kid in college (and one just done and one in 2 years) is beginning to run out lol!!! Jane


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1 hour ago, mom2mybugs said:

We leave for the boat in about an hour!  I have to figure out there whole cab thing before then lol!  Jane

Have a fabulous cruise!

Hope you don't have to wait for too long to sail away - the harbour is long and narrow and we had to wait for about 30mins for a 'gap' in the harbour traffic. It's a nice sail away if other cruise ships are in though because you get to sail right next to them. 

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2 hours ago, hayley_bopp said:

Have a fabulous cruise!

Hope you don't have to wait for too long to sail away - the harbour is long and narrow and we had to wait for about 30mins for a 'gap' in the harbour traffic. It's a nice sail away if other cruise ships are in though because you get to sail right next to them. 

Hayley you have been such a wealth of knowledge!  Thank you so much!! Jane

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We are on board!  We waited almost longer for the cab then we did too board the ship.  We used the cabify app... No Uber here in Barcelona.  The driver was a bit crazy because traffic here is fast and busy!  I was stressing because this was the latest Ive ever gotten to the port.  Didn't need to worry though!!  We pulled right up to terminal B with no wait.  No porter needed as we walked 10 feet to the cart where the nice porter loaded our luggage.  We had expedited arrival but it wouldn't have mattered because nobody was there at 1045.  We literally walked through security and on to the ship.. LESS than ten minutes!!!   By 1105 I was making our dining reservations... Got everything we wanted including chops night 2 formal night 630.  By 1115 had lava flow with kraken (well training bartender so first drink turned out to be a Miami vice actually) and eating in the windjammer!







The windjammer want crowded and the food was typical fare... Food Temp was warm and everything seemed fresh.  We were offered there STRONGEST Bahama Mama welcome drinks I've ever had! 


It's now 1245 and be we are in the solarium waiting for the room to be available!  Book in hand I am relaxing!! Oh, and so excited... The solarium roof is OPEN!!!!!!   Happy happy happy!  



More later!  I will see how the voom is (can't tell if I'm still on data or voom) for periscoping.  A lot of those may end up replays for people with the time change!  Jane


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So our room is very cool!  I just scoped it but unlike @Lovetocruise2002 I have no idea how to link it here!  We are in a spacious family oceanview or something like that ..4032!    What I hear is that we were fortunate because we only have 3 people and they often make you have 4 or 5.  We booked the week after the rooms opened up and it is going to be so nice to have all that room!! Here are a few pics!







For sure the paintings have been refreshed since 2015.  Everything seems very neat and clean so far on the ship.  I may need to nap in my solarium chair ...    Jane

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