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  1. I got mine from IND to MCO for April 4-12 today...they were about $450. The spring break weeks are so expensive but there are not many direct options when you live in Indiana!
  2. Loving your blog as a Mediterranean cruise is on my bucket list and I have wondered how it would go with teens. Do go back to Florence on a land trip-my husband and I spent a week there in June and even with summer crowds, it was one of my favorite places I’ve visited.
  3. Thanks! I figured as much...and she definitely will want the good stuff!
  4. Hi all, My family is taking our first RCL cruise on the Harmony April 2020. Our only two cruises were on Disney so this is new for us. We are considering the unlimited dining so we can try all the specialty restaurants. My children are 15 and 12 and I am wondering what to do about our 12 year old. She typically eats off adult menus and has a particular liking for expensive steaks. Do I book her a dining package if she wants to eat off the adult menu? Thanks in advance for the help!
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