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Very bad news for Sweety...

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...and all others who love Red Velvet Cake.

We went to dinner last night at Chops (we are on Liberty) and when it was time for dessert, I was anticipating the Red Velvet Cake.  Much to my disappointment, I was informed that the RVC has been removed from the menu !  I don’t know if this is just for Liberty or if it is fleet-wide.

I settled for the apple pie ala mode, completely forgetting that their apple pie contains raisins <shudder> so I had the 1-2 punch of the extreme disappointments of no RVC and having to dig those noxious nodules from my second choice dessert.  

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3 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

We went to dinner last night at Chops (we are on Liberty) and when it was time for dessert, I was anticipating the Red Velvet Cake.  Much to my disappointment, I was informed that the RVC has been removed from the menu !  I don’t know if this is just for Liberty or if it is fleet-wide.


There must be an international shortage of red velvet... 😉   You must recall when the snail population was decimated years ago, leading to the dropping of escargot from the MDR menu.  But with quick and decisive actions (and believe me, snails are anything but quick and decisive), the snail population recovered and the little buggers, sans shell, are now back on the menu.  And what about the world wide shortage of banana daquiri mix the occurred about 2 years ago?  Once RCI found out the Amazon.Com had tons of the stuff for only $8.95 per barrel (and like crude oil, there is about 55 gallons per barrel), then banana daquiris were back on the bar menu.  So maybe the world wide shortage of red velvet is just temporary...

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I will hijack my own thread and turn this into a kind of mini review of this week’s Liberty cruise.

This is the first cruise EVER where the ships water was skunky. It just has a weird taste. Thankfully we both have the drink pkg so we have been drinking bottled water.

We have an absolutely gorgeous Owners Suite which we got at a steal.  It was originally a comped balcony from the casino which I was able to upgrade through the casino folks to a JR suite and then finally to the OS. I have no idea how I got so lucky but it was just $498 total AND they did not charge us the increased suites daily gratuity (we had already prepaid the normal daily grat) so I’m just marking this one up to being in the right place at the right time and lucking out with the right Club Royale agent on the other end of the line.  The room is perfect. Great location, great size and configuration and of course, all of the wonderful suites amenities.  The only negative thing about the room is that the mattress is as hard as a rock.  The room attendant has put mattress pads and duvets on it but it’s just....hard.  Dan says that this is his favorite room of all time which includes the 2 BR Aqua Theater Suites and the Star Loft. We’ve decided that a bidet is a must-add at home.  Lol  I have pix but no way to post them until I get home  

Saturday Night Fever was ok. We both thought it was a little bit long. It was nice to have a new show to see. The ice show (Encore) was good...typical of the ice shows on other ships. Haven’t gone to any other shows.

We went to Johnny Rockets for lunch today. The cover charge was $11.74 per person which was $9.95 ea plus grats. Since we both have the DBP we got the milk shakes for nothing.  Score !!  We asked the question of whether, if we had the Unlimited Dining Pkg (which we don’t) if JR would be included and she told us “yes” so JR is included in the UDP.  The shakes are only included if you have the DBP.

The internet has been horrible. It drops every couple of minutes and I have lost a number of posts to this site as a result. I purchased it in combination with the drinks pkg but will likely not do so again based on my experience this time.  

We we have a 5 night dining pkg and have gone to Giovanni’s twice, Chops once, Sabor once and will go to Sabor again tomorrow night.  We had 1 dinner in our suite from the MDR (lamb shank) and we’re going to lobster night tonite in the MDR so we will be eating in the MDR just once on this cruise.  The suites breakfasts are in Giovanni’s on Liberty and there is a suite lunch in Giovanni’s on sea days although we have not made it there yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

We never got off the ship since it sailed but the ports were Coz, Grand Cayman and Falmouth.  We had originally planned to go to Rose Hall Plantation in Falmouth but decided to just stay on the ship and it was probably a good decision since the weather turned against us in the afternoon. Those that we chatted with in the evening said that they weren’t allowed to go in the water due to lightning and then the trip back to the shop was a wet one so we’re glad we decided to stay put. Other than the day in Jamaica, our weather has been beautiful. The seas are like glass today. 

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22 minutes ago, Sweety said:

I love cruising without leaving the ship. We did this twice on Majesty this Summer.

Don't know why, I always feel compelled to step foot off at every port. Can't think of any cruise I didn't. May not do any excursions or go beyond the port complex gates, just have to step off mentally.

Guess the only one might be the home port, but for some reason they don't like it if you don't get off.

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