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  1. I booked nov 2, 2019 sailing on Equinox for 7 night west caribbean out of ft lauderdale and got a $910 resident discount for North Carolina. Deluxe veranda room with no obstruction, $300 obc, paid gratuities, and classic drink package for two (which we used $160 of the obc to upgrade to premium drink package) for $1897. Pretty much got the cruise for free!! After we booked the price went up to $2497
  2. Well, long story. So we were looking at this particular cruise and on wednesday night it was last night for the labor day sale. Balcony room with 2 perks (drink package and $300obc) for $2407.36. Almost booked it but just couldn't pull the trigger. Just happened to check the site again yesterday morning the new sale includes a free perk so I priced out the same room again and now for same room and drink package, $300obc, and paid gratuities the price had dropped to $1897.36. We booked it right away. Waited an hour, still no confirmation email and no charge to credit card. Called them a
  3. Hello, my wife and I booked our first Celebrity cruise this morning at a great deal on the Equinox this November 2. We put in our card number and selected pay in full and submitted. It says thank you for payment and now shows we owe $90 for a reservation fee that will be due tomorrow?? What the heck is this junk? We booked through their website. Wife is on hold to speak with someone there. We've been on 8 RC cruises and have never been charged anything after final payment.
  4. To get to the helicopter pad at the front of the ship go to deck four and walk the outside all the way forward where you will find stairs leading up and forward to the helicopter pad. I remember my first couple times on that ship always wondering how people got there. The ship is awesome and you will love it.
  5. If it has the coke free style machines they have dasani (spelling?) sparkling water and you can had a variety of unsweetened flavors to it. I drink the lime all week, and sometimes add some power aid into the mix to combat any hangovers lol.
  6. Fresh squeezed orange juice is included as well. I drank at least two of those a day. So those 2, 2 beers, and a glass of wine at dinner was pretty much the break even point...I drank quite a bit more than that though. Plus its nice because you can try all kinds of things you usually wouldn't. And if you dont like it, you dont have to drink it. I would have spent 50 bucks a day on chocolate and espresso martini's if I didnt have the drink package lol
  7. Yeah the atlantic ocean is usually alot choppier than the caribbean. Can be rough. I'm afraid my wife would be miserable so we havent cruised out of jersey or baltimore.
  8. Service really declined once they started adding gratuity to everything instead of making the staff work for it. And with all the staff trying to sell you everything I treat it like I do the direct tv sales people in Wal-Mart and smile and tell them I already have it. (If they are trying to get you to book a specialty restaurant just smile and say you already have and thank you. They will smile back and walk away every time.) We had our expectations so high for our first Oasis class cruise on Allure, then once on board we kind of hated it. Not sure why, it just seems overly crowded and hard to
  9. I bet they still have the RVC cupcakes for sale on ships with the cupcake shop.
  10. Has anyone on here tried this excursion? We will be going there next week for the first time. We have always went to red stripe beach but now its gone so this is the closest thing to it. It looks nice from google and facebook. We are just doing the $32 transfer and beach access instead of the all inclusive as it states the beach time is only 3 hours (not sure if that's correct or not). We chose it based on cost and close location to the port. We did another beach near montego bay a few years ago but it was more like a harbor and water was hot and dirty with no flow or current and it took over
  11. Me either! My plan is to find a small plate by the dessert section to use as my dinner plate. But I'll probably end up going back for seconds and thirds haha.
  12. Woop woop! This time next week I'll be checking into my airbnb in cocoa beach. Im on sept 9th on Oasis, either of you going to be on that date?
  13. After seeing CGTLH's live blogs with pictures I am deffinately planning to do some Windjammer recon of my own on my cruise in less than two weeks on Oasis. The night that the MDR has the sliced beef tenderloin the windjammer has it as well but at the carving station and its hot and fresh and charred on the outside rare to medium on the inside (depending which end he slices from) and tastes much better there then it does in the MDR.
  14. It's a contemporary christian music radio station cruise. There are a few well known bands that perform on the ship and stuff like that. I have a few friends that have gone and loved it.
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