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  1. I truly appreciate all of your feedback, it is helpful. As far as the Schooner Bar, yeah, I get what you are saying. But, I promise, we didn't talk the entire time, and we really enjoyed the music. Just a few comments here and there, and I did sing along but at a respectful volume. If he had pulled us aside, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. But to do it over the mic was embarrassing.
  2. Schooner Bar. I was also surprised about being put on the spot regarding the paid restaurants. I answered the question but was met with "why not" a few times. My answer was, "because I don't want to" after the second time. I am just so disappointed. But, with all that said, I am happy that you are asking for details. I want to take my family on a cruise in March to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. I'm just really nervous about RCCL again. Funny, it was always my word of mouth recommendation. Maybe I expected the same level of service that I received ten years ago. Also, the last cruise was Liberty of the Seas 2nd voyage. Perhaps everyone was just over accommodating. But, really, that's how I always remembered RCCL. That cruise was hit with norovirus but that happens and I didn't complain at all!! So, you see, I'm not a complainer. I'm just disappointed.
  3. I wish I could just get an answer. I'm not new to cruising and I've cruised several different lines with Royal Caribbean being my favorite. The problem is, I just took a Navigator of the Seas cruise and it's been about 10 years since I've cruised. Have things dramatically changed on RCCL or am I remembering a different experience. The customer service was at best, sub par. I filled out a survey and had no response from the survey, post cruise. I called customer service, couldn't get an answer. After much insisting and listening to scripted answers I was transferred to corporate customer service only to find the same results. The question was easy, "Has the service dramatically changed on RCCL over the past ten years?" You see, I plan on taking my mother and family on a cruise in March for her 80th birthday, but based on what I just experienced, it will not be on RCCL. This is so disappointing. My daughter is an 11 time RCCL cruiser. She was appalled when I experienced my cruise on Navigator of the Seas. I mean, the piano player asking us to move if we were going to have conversation while he was playing (our conversation was really very low). The Windjammer manager challenging me on why I wasn't eating in the paid restaurants? The bar servers being rude. Where did the service go? Where were the waiters who knew you and became a part of your dining experience? The nicest people on the ship were the guys playing guitar singing, wash your hands. Please help me understand why the complaint department answers with canned and scripted answers and never really gives a solution other than "it is documented and periodically we review surveys." HELP
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