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  1. I truly appreciate all of your feedback, it is helpful. As far as the Schooner Bar, yeah, I get what you are saying. But, I promise, we didn't talk the entire time, and we really enjoyed the music. Just a few comments here and there, and I did sing along but at a respectful volume. If he had pulled us aside, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. But to do it over the mic was embarrassing.
  2. Schooner Bar. I was also surprised about being put on the spot regarding the paid restaurants. I answered the question but was met with "why not" a few times. My answer was, "because I don't want to" after the second time. I am just so disappointed. But, with all that said, I am happy that you are asking for details. I want to take my family on a cruise in March to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. I'm just really nervous about RCCL again. Funny, it was always my word of mouth recommendation. Maybe I expected the same level of service that I received ten years ago. A
  3. I wish I could just get an answer. I'm not new to cruising and I've cruised several different lines with Royal Caribbean being my favorite. The problem is, I just took a Navigator of the Seas cruise and it's been about 10 years since I've cruised. Have things dramatically changed on RCCL or am I remembering a different experience. The customer service was at best, sub par. I filled out a survey and had no response from the survey, post cruise. I called customer service, couldn't get an answer. After much insisting and listening to scripted answers I was transferred to corporate customer
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