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  1. He is on day 6/7 currently so the video is a few days behind
  2. It can go out to the side, but they rarely do It since it takes longer
  3. Agree with Matt - Opening the cabin door with two hot coffees in hand sure was a breeze ? Using them to get drinks was hit/miss. Sometimes I took it off & handed it to the bartender, other times the scanner was nearby.
  4. Our Aug sailing on Oasis has some sales as well. DX package went from ~$61 to $46
  5. We did a lift & shift & the OBC went to the new booking
  6. As USCG stated if you want it sooner you have to call. I was SHOCKED when we lifted & shifted, this OBC followed the new booking. Thought I was going to have to call again & have it moved.
  7. We received our cruise planner credit over the weekend from a May cruise. It was the last of the credits to get refunded. Emailed our MEI Agent & she had it applied to our next cruise.
  8. Hoping to lift & shift our Sept cruise now. This is just getting so frustrating!!!
  9. Seems to be one of those inconsistent polices that RCCL is famous for.
  10. We just ask for a couple waters at the bar on way back to the room. After a few days we have a nice supply in the cabin
  11. First time using WOW bands on Anthem required taking off to scan for drinks. Last Oct on Anthem, they would move the scanning device to you most of the time. I do love that it unlocks the cabin door, that alone is worth the $4.99 Hopefully the improvements continue.
  12. Will be interesting to see if the Freestyle machines survive covid. Could be another death caused by covid...
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