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  1. following one of my favorites have been on her 4 times and she never gets old
  2. I too have noticed a huge decline in the mdr. Its such a shame as recently as last February on the Oasis I had such a great experience the food quality selection preparation were outstanding so much so that on the last night of the cruise the staff the chefs the wait staff all got a standing ovation from the entire room all three levels not just the usual napkin waving.November on the Brilliance terrible food mediocre preparation very obvious the menu selections were chosen out of cost consideration not what everyone wanted consisting of mostly pastas and some form of steak they called strip s
  3. Outstanding blog with great pictures I was on adventure oct24 to dec2 and see how much I missed cant wait to go back I love the forts in San Juan pictures as by the time we got off the ship I had barely enough time to enjoy EL MORRO. Next time I believe I will skip going ashore in St Martin rest up and get. An early start in San Juan what I saw I loved I could feel the history I wait excited for your review and pictures of St Kitts the monkeys there were so much fun and the people so friendly.Keep up your great blog and cruise on my friend
  4. I second the vote on controlled meds I take an opiod for a hip injury these types of meds can be looked on differently in different country's Haiti has a particularly strict check from labadee to the ship make sure you can prove they are prescribed its just not worth the head ache
  5. just got of the adventure coffee was very good in the prom café wish the MDR food was
  6. I have seen the cruisers in front of me use them. They were punched multiple times for one coffee it pays to get the royal refreshment package instead of the card
  7. WOW just watched the Celebrity Edge sail into Port Everglades.what a ship. I am sailing on the Adventure Saturday I hope the Edge is there for a closeup. anybody know what the giant platform/elevator is for?
  8. Does anyone know if blue mountain coffee is available for purchase in st martin or st kitts san juan or anywhere on the eastern carib stops
  9. on loan when returned went in a container to go to the ships cleaners but guest services said if I liked some or all I could keep it
  10. i don't know if this helps for clothing emergencies but years ago on the liberty I forgot some items at home. a friend took me to the customer service desk said something to the lady attending , she ushered me to the back room and to my surprise it was full of everything from tuxedos to swim suits many pairs of very expensive shoes t shirts underwear etc.i did the clark kent to superman and in minutes came out in full dress, saved my cruise it was new years eve and I wanted to look good
  11. last time I was stuck in port everglades for that long it was on freedom and it was because of coast guard inspections on my ship and the one docked in front of us mein Schiff mein Schiff had to move first because of high winds there are many reasons sorry I looked every where and could not find your cause and WELCOME to the form
  12. ha ha and I thought my run on sentence was funny hows that for punctuation? And yes what balsam said.
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