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  1. hooked-on-cruising

    Is the Mystery Dinner Theatre any good/fun?

    Dinner theater is usually a good time.. I'd say it's a must do..
  2. hooked-on-cruising

    Transfer booking from RC website to a travel agent?

    I don't see any reason you should lose your OBC just for going through a TA.. All my cruises have been through TA's and was never effected.
  3. hooked-on-cruising

    In cabin dvd or movie rentals?

    That's how it is with us as well.. Any movie that might be playing is only for background noise while getting ready do something else...
  4. hooked-on-cruising

    Oasis verse Harmony

    My son and his family just cruised out of Port Canaveral last month on the Oasis and had a wonderful time.. They even booked their next cruise while on board to to the North East.. we are booked for the Harmony in Sept of 2019 to Coco Cay, St, Thomas and St, Martin... From what i have seen both ships are very much alike.. Am I wrong on this?
  5. hooked-on-cruising

    No men’s underwear on the Symphony?????

    I still say "COMMANDO" is the way to go... loose and free..
  6. hooked-on-cruising

    No men’s underwear on the Symphony?????

    Or maybe just go "COMMANDO" who needs the extra baggage anyway?
  7. hooked-on-cruising

    Ultimate Drink Package Sale

    I'm book on the Harmony for Sept 2019 and $52/day is what my planner says also... I keep a close eye on it just in case it does drop
  8. hooked-on-cruising

    Cruising 101

    Explore ever inch of the ship you can.. There are so many hidden treasures to find.. Little out of the way places you'd never expect to find.. Relax and enjoy yourselves...
  9. hooked-on-cruising

    Problems making payments

    That's how we do it.. It's all on them.. I'd just rather let someone else deal with it..
  10. hooked-on-cruising


    If I drank more beer it would be Molson FTW!!
  11. hooked-on-cruising

    Riverboat cruises .... any desire to do one?

    The riverboat cruise has always intrigued me.. Maybe something on the Mississippi.. Seems like it would be a step back to a earlier time in America
  12. hooked-on-cruising

    Bahamas News

    Agree... It's actually a chore navigating your way through the gauntlet.. We haven't left the ship in three cruise stops in Nassau.. Not worth it to us.
  13. hooked-on-cruising

    Cure for constipation

    I guess that saved a trip to the on board shop for ex lax
  14. hooked-on-cruising

    Refreshment Package

    According to Wikipedia "Adding one and a half US fluid ounces (44 ml) of vodka or rum produces a "Dirty Shirley" .[9]
  15. hooked-on-cruising

    Can You Rent Out The Aqua Theater To Go Swiming

    Anyone know how deep the Aqua Theater pool is? Groupies? Dude you"re famous!