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  1. ...oh no, so you're telling me the ship will be full of Minion characters. ?
  2. Right, I'm not sure I'd want to risk anything that doesn't call itself a "wine," unless others have specific experience with doing so.
  3. We'll be on one of the first cruises after RCI phases out the Dreamworks contents. Is there any word on what will replace it? I have confidence that it won't impact our kids' experience too much, as long as it doesn't leave a void in the Adventure Ocean programming or activities, for example. They'll have it figured out ...right?
  4. In Washington state, but departing from Ft. Lauderdale. We could fly with the bottles if needed.
  5. We'll be cruising in the Caribbean soon, and with the drink package. Although we know we won't need to have wine, I'm anticipating there might be times it'd be nice to have an adult beverage in the room without having to schlep all the way back and wait in a line at a bar just to return to the room again. So I'm thinking of bringing our two bottles of wine. However, we're not huge wine people. Especially so in the Caribbean, where I'd rather be drinking something more tropical. Does anyone have any recommendations for a wine (or other drink RCI allows) that would be more tropical than typcial wines? I've seen some pineapple wine from Maui but haven't been able to find any locally. Something like that seems ideal. Any suggestions?
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