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  1. Hi I’m having a problem with the online check in feature. We are sailing on HOS in July and there are three of us (myself, wife and our 18 year old daughter) in a cabin. I have been able to check myself and my wife in fine but struggling with my daughter. I’ve entered all the data and submit it. Sometimes it just bombs out sometimes it seems to work and she appears alongside the two of us as checked in, but when you log out and login again she has disappeared from the ‘checked in’ section and reappeared in the ‘still needs checking in’ section?? Other question is why do they need to know my daughters marital status but not myself or my wife’s?? help, don’t want to fly all the way to the states only so find a issue with out booking.
  2. From what I can remember, dollars every time, although I’m sure the staff won’t turn away euros, they will have get the, exchanged and this costs them.
  3. Wow, I knew us Brits got a raw deal with prices but that’s ridiculous. For our July visit we are been asked for £645 for a Ocean lagoon cabana which is $850!!🤬🤬
  4. Oh that, I thought you meant a App you downloaded to your phone for the Key😀 we have the key booked for our upcoming cruise. Will post about it when I get back but it’s not until July
  5. I was also told that the handgel will also damage the magnetic strip somehow, not sure if it’s true but was someone in guest services who told me whilst I was getting another replacement card
  6. I think this site may have been hacked? What’s going on?
  7. Hi We are booked into room 8606 on Harmony this July, on the deck plans it seems to have a slightly bigger balcony as it’s just at the beginning of the hump, is this a noticeable increase in size? Anyone any pictures of it or similar cabin? thanks
  8. Also will this be enforced for passengers with the ‘Key’ since one of the major features of the Key is lunch in Chops?
  9. Hi all my wife is gluten free and has two questions. 1) Should be inform RCI before we travel that she is GF and if so whom do we inform? 2) Will she be limited in which restaurants she can enjoy? We have a 3 night Dinner package, will the upcharge restaurants be able to cater for GF? thanks Martin
  10. Ray, That’s what I thought as well. Seems like usual RCI marketing bull.
  11. Yes, I was looking at a 8day cruise on Anthem from Southampton as it means we dont have to fly, as we are in the UK.
  12. Hi all looking at cruises for next year, specifically ones that straddle the 4th June as it’s my 50th (gulp). Currently RCI in the UK is supposed to have a offer where you get the second person for half price, free gratuities and WiFi. However when I try to get a price, it only applies the BOGO offer, I’m still charged for the gratuities. Also the price is cheaper when I apply my C&A code and omit the BOGO offer making me think this offer is a bit bogus as I’m only platinum so the balcony discount isn’t that great. The T&C does say that both the BOGO and the C&A offers can be combined but this doesn’t seem to happen. Are these offers genuine or a load of tosh? Martin
  13. Darn it. The other day I bought for our party of three (me, wife and 18yr old daughter), three drinks packages. Two refreshment packages for myself and my wife and a soda package for my daughter. Got a great price for all three, but after thinking about it decieded to change my daughters to a refreshment one as well. Last night was gonna do it, had already put the package in my shopping cart, when I got distracted and forgot to finish the transaction. Came to do it tonight and (insert appropriate expletive here) ...me but the price had only gone and jumped up to be more than £40 more when compared to yesterday. My fault completely but do you reckon RCI will have another sale before July?
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