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Anthem of the Seas - March 9-17, 2018

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Pre-cruise report: Sailing:  March 9-17, 2018, Anthem of the Seas, 8 Night Bahamas cruise   Sailing with:   Hubby and daughters, ages 11 and 9, who I will refer to as D1 and D2 from this

Back from rock climbing. Hubby and kids got there at 1:30pm for a 2:00pm start. They were first in line. By 2pm when I got there the line was very long. I did not get a pic in the frenzy but the line

Don't forget about that time on the helipad...

Posted Images

45 minutes ago, rjac said:

By the way, it's 43 degrees on the coast of North Carolina now. So, getting a little warmer as you head south. Now, please, turn off your computer/phone AND START HAVING FUN....YOU'RE CRUISING! :27_sunglasses:

I'm a teacher and a mom. We are great at multi-tasking 😎

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They can't fool me !  I know what a chicken breast looks like and it does NOT have a leg bone sticking out of the side of it !


So glad you guys are having fun.  Wishing you warmer weather.  Looks like you are passing just to the east of me right now !  I'm waving but you probably can't see me.


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Ok...just came back from the cabin crawl. First time participating in one. Not sure how these things are suppose to run but this one way crazy crowded! There were over 40 of us. There wasn't much time for pics. A CC member hosted and they had the RLS. What a view! And a beautiful room! And in case anyone is wondering like I have, that shower in the lower level does have a pull down curtain. YouTube it and you'll see what I mean. Seeing the RLS makes me more excited for our Star Loft on Harmony next March.

So in answer to @twangster's question earlier about our initial thoughts...here goes...

- Anthem is a beautiful ship! Love the unique pieces of art.

- Fastest check in to date. 

- Great staff interaction. Our room, Simeon, attendant is amazing. Wonderful service in CK. Head waiter, Bajon, is one of the most personable and down to Earth head waiters. 

- Hubby and I would rather be on Oasis class. No question about it. Crowds do not seem to move through this ship very well. The Esplande is always a pain to move through. It feels crowded at all the hours that we've been there. The WJ is even worse. Been there twice so far and you are constantly bumping into people everywhere you go. Every station has a ginormous line. By the time you wait to get your food and get back to the table your food is cold. I told Hubby we are going to try MDR for breakfast instead. 

Currently sitting aimlessly in our stateroom wondering if we should leave the couch or stay. Love the aimless feeling!



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Cabin Photos:

This is a Family Junior Suite (FJ). The FJ on Anthem can sleep either 4 or 5. The ones on Deck 8 and 9 can accommodate 5 and the ones on the other decks only sleep 4. 

Powder room: Toilet/sink



Full Bath: shower with curtain 😒, sink, toilet. One complaint is that there is a lack of storage in here. Shelves on the wall would have been great.




L'Occitane bath amenities in suites for anyone who is wondering. 



















At night with the Pullman:






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On 3/9/2018 at 3:07 PM, Sabrinaklai said:

Lyft Plus to Cape Liberty - $36

The sight of this never grows old. Love pulling up to the ship!


Zero wait time at the terminal. Arrived at 10:20am, proceeded through security, checked in at suites area. Did not even have time to look around or take a pic. I don't even know what the suites waiting area looks like lol.  Right after we checked in, we were directed to the suites entrance. And made our way board.

After wandering for a bit while we waited for WJ to open we made our way there around 10:50am to find that they were already open for lunch. And it was pretty full already. We manage to get a nice table by the window to view the NY skyline.  I also found this for @Sweety:


Word of advice...not sure if it was just for this sailing or the norm but by the time we finished lunch at 12pm the line into the WJ looked like this:


They were actually holding people back from entering. The line was at least 50-60 people deep. I have never seen this happen before on any ship!  So eat early or elsewhere if possible.

Drink package prices on board:


It's 4pm. Sailaway was scheduled for 3pm. We are just moving away now. Good bye NJ! Hopefully onwards to some warmer weather!



Thank you. Did you get one?

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CK Night 2: Formal night 1


For D2, my picky eater. At least it looks nice lol.


Lobster Salad: A; on the small side but good flavours and fresh 


Zucchini Spaghetti: Interesting twist on Spaghetti in that the noodles are actualLy  Zucchini and it is in a Marinara sauce. Not to my liking as the texture is off for me but hubby likes it. The flavours are good and it's a fairly healthy dish. Grade: A-


Caesar salad: Fresh...interesting set up...other than that, it's Caesar salad. Grade: A


Chicken leg: I did not try this on Harmony and wanted to give it a try tonight. Sorry to say that I did not enjoy it. The flavours were wonderful but the texture was weird. It's almost as if the chicken seemed ground up. Not sure if I am explaining this well but it was just strange.  Grade: B-


Pappardelle: Excellent flavours, pasta could have been a bit more "al-dente" but overall a good, solid dish.  Grade: A


Crab and Shrimp Crusted Pollock: This was Hubby's dish. He liked it enough to order it a second time (he had this on Harmony). He's not here right now to give it a rating. Living it up in the Seaplex with the kids. That's what cruising with kids is like 😟




As mentioned before, D2 is a very picky eater. Our waiter is amazingly patient with her. She took it upon herself to create her own desser tonight. It's chocolate chip cookies with a cup of vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and chocolate sauce for dipping. She said it was delicious! So I guess the rating is A+? 😊


Valrhona Chocolate Bar: What can I say about this? It's rich chocolate, melts in your mouth, yum!  Rating: A+


After dinner we went to see "The Gift" in the Royal Theatre. Set design, choreography, vocals, acting, dancing, all superb!  Storyline...a bit strange. I almost want to see it again as I had a really hard time following this one.

Currently passing time writing this as we wait for the late night comedy show.  The comedian is Kivi Rogers. He did a bit on the Welcome Show last night. We found him quite funny so heading back to see his late night version. CD Clo continues to be very entertaining and amusing. This is our first time having a female CD. The vibe is definitely different, but a good different. 

Still have not had a chance to do WJ recon. 🙁 Going to try tomorrow...

Random stray observation: Star Class does not seem to be as "in your face" on Anthem. Other than the Theatre, I have yet to see a Genie walking around. On Oasis class, we saw them everywhere.

Good night for now.  Hopefully tomorrow brings warmer weather, and sun. It was cloudy and cold today. Then it rained...



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I'm really enjoying your blog, Sabrina!


Thank you for taking the time to show lotsa pictures (the twangsterbot needs to up it's game!) and great dialogue.


Here's hoping y'all (that's southern for "you Canadians") find some good, warm weather soon.  It was pretty darn cool 

and windy here in Charleston today, but not as bad as NC.  I'm sure you'll find it!

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1 hour ago, Floski said:

I'm really enjoying your blog, Sabrina!


Thank you for taking the time to show lotsa pictures (the twangsterbot needs to up it's game!) and great dialogue.

Thanks @Floski. I've only learned from reading so many live blogs here and trying to include things that people might want to know if they are considering or planning to sail Anthem. That's the great thing about this community. Such a great platform to learn and share. 😊

I'll do one up on @twangster with this pic...I am not a bot or a fish lol (not techie enough to get the graphic 😜) but I sure was freezing!

@SeasTheDayNJ...note the attire...down filled Lulu jacket, Rulu base layer, gloves, brushed tights...still frozen! That's for my female audience 😉



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7 hours ago, Sabrinaklai said:

...note the attire...down filled Lulu jacket, Rulu base layer, gloves, brushed tights...still frozen! That's for my female audience 😉

I'm not buying it   (I see a guy in short sleeves).   Nice try...😜

In other news, I hear it's rather cool in Labadee today...


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