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  1. Anyone else on this sailing?? I didn't find a roll call yet!! Only 78 days left. What are you most looking forward to? We are traveling with two little ones who are super excited for their 1st cruise. 2 of our sailing have been canceled due to (you know what) so we are plenty excited to get back on the high seas as a family of 4.
  2. Good Morning! Does anyone know if infants still in swim diapers are allowed in the oasis pool on CocoCay? Or do the same rules apply as on the ship? No pools until out of diapers? just a curious mom trying to plan with two infants ? thank you!
  3. They will be about 20 months old. It makes me very nervous to travel without car seats, but it's extremely inconvenient to bring car seats along as they are HUGE and traveling with twins doesnt exactly leave a free hand for more "stuff" LOL!
  4. Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I have posted. A lot has changed since our last RC cruise! We had TWINS! They just turned one and we are ready to book a cruise as a family of 4. We are looking at Oasis of the Seas to Port Canaveral and Bahamas. Our main concern prior to booking is transportation from the port into town. Last time we cruised to Port Canaveral we just Uber'd to cocoa beach and went for lunch and drinks, planning on the same this time around. And Atlantis at Nassau. How to get around with infants? Without bringing two car seats. Does anyone have experience with ubers and car seats? (I may be a little spoiled, but when we went to Disney, the "Minnie Vans" [Lyft] always carried 2 graco 4ever seats for usage). What do parents with little ones do? This is the one detail holding us up. We could certainly manage to do without leaving the port at port Canaveral, since it's not all that important to us. But we really want to spend the day at Atlantis with the kiddies. Any advice is helpful! Thank you!
  5. @Lovetocruise2002 , i'm sorry I didn't post this earlier... great live blog, I loved following along! We got back on Saturday, loved the ship, loved the Bahamas (especially Cococay!) , the food in the specialty restaurants were to die for. I could go on and on... Thanks again for taking the time to post all about your cruise!
  6. you had me at Lobster mac & cheese wedges. edit: OMG! aaaannnddd fried pickles!?
  7. we honeymooned at Sandals Antigua, love the resort chain! I think we will probably get a taxi over there, I'm sure there will be many of them at the port.
  8. Wondering about the price of a taxi for 2 -- drive is about 22-25 minutes from port. I wish Sandals would offer a car service for hire...
  9. We've got the drink package, but still may check it out!
  10. ^^^ this woman is exactly how excited I get when I see a cart full of mimosas!!!
  11. I do love me some sea days as well, hows the weather? Warmer, I hope!
  12. oh man, that stinks! Unless you are not beach people lol. but I am! So what are you guys going to do in Nassau for an extra day then? Loving your blog, by the way!!
  13. Hi All, We are cruising this coming Saturday on Anthem, we are planning on getting a day pass to Sandals Royal Bahamian - about 22 minutes by car from the port. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get there and back? It's not an excursion through RC. Mainly trying to choose between the "Jitney" and a taxi. Is Nassau safe for tourists? Has anyone done the day pass before? Anyone ever taken the Jitney? How did you feel? Safe, nervous? I'm reading mixed reviews about the safety on the island. thanks!
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