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Liberty 2/25/18 7 Nights

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IT'S CRUISE DAY!!! I flew into Houston Hobby airport last night and stayed at an airport hotel.   My hotel had renovations underway which has been a theme for me recently.   It wasn't until break

Here is a video of us pulling away from the pier in Cozumel with a brief horn exchange with the Allure.  

Six more weeks of cruising! 

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1 minute ago, tiny260 said:

The blond is the actress that played Sandy on my Liberty cruise last year.

She is Australian.  She also is the aerialist from "In the Air" who sings while sitting in the chair with another cast suspended below her doing flips and rolls. 

Both are on their second contract on Liberty.  They were supposed to board the week Hurricane Harvey diverted Liberty to Miami.  Since cast contracts start in Miami two months prior to boarding they joined Liberty when she stopped in Miami instead of flying to Houston.  

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3 hours ago, twangster said:

The St Tropez area features glass dividers to break the wind.  On Freedom this is open area and due to the winds it was lightly used on my cruise.  Staff didn't even bother to deploy loungers on Freedom.  On Liberty it's a nice quiet sundeck.  The glass dividers also provide some feeling of separation from other guests.

This area is actually our favorite area, if the Solarium is crowded we always come up here, even with the miniature golf it is still pretty quite. My wife drives a school bus as well as working at the school so of course we had to get this photo...

Great pictures, glad I'm already booked in a suite for July of this year, I do agree on the Diamond lounge, it was a little small, but I loved the view, it was better than being stuck down on deck 4 like on some of the O class ships, @twangster we did find that if we waited a little there was an early crowd that left and went to the early dinner seating and then you did not have any problems getting a seat in the lounge.


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It's 4:30pm and that means Diamond happy hour.  The bar line was out the door and into the Viking Crown Lounge.  Several Diamond Plus in line are calling for a ban of all Diamond members favoring a name change to "The Diamond Plus Lounge" :3_grin:.    Since I should make Diamond Plus next cruise I'm okay with that!  

Beautiful day today.  We are well past Cozumel now continuing due South at 15 knots. 

Tonight in the main theater we have 'Donovan and Rebecca" - Vocals and Acrobatics.  They live in Galveston and took an Uber to the cruise.    They did a routine in the Welcome Aboard show and look pretty good.  I may skip my 6pm MDR reservation and try to get a good seat for their show.  

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"Donovan and Rebecca"  in the theater were pretty awesome.  Front row seats!  No photography allowed so no pictures.

I wasn't terribly hungry when I heard my name being called.  Like a lamb to the slaughter I followed the voice to... the Windjammer.

I heard people like food pictures, so here you go.  In no particular order.













Quesadilla Bar.  Pretty good selection.  I may skip MDR again and just do this tomorrow.  




Dry rub ribs.


The Brushetta was good.  Too good.


Garlic bread - perfect for solo cruisers.


Like anyone would have room for dessert...




Yes, this is chocolate.  White, dark, semi, more.  Plus ice cream.  


But wait, the other side has more food I missed...

Gluten Free options:



Open faced sandwiches for those who can't or won't eat closed faced sandwiches.


Something to wash down the food between gulps.


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Day 4 - Roatán

I woke in my very dark interior cabin wondering what time it was.  One thing about interior cabins is that I sleep very well.   Almost 7am and doing 15 knots as we approached Roatán.  Where else to take in our arrival but the helipad.


Today we are sharing the port with an NCL ship, the Dawn.  



The Dawn will be tendering while we tie up at the pier.  I'm fairly certain I could hear the low murmur of complaints coming in over the water.


Local musicians were playing and singing as we approached the pier.


A small fleet of buses and taxis are lined up waiting for us.


Twenty five minutes early guests began to flood onto the pier.


Much of the morning cloud cover has burned off already and it feels like its going to a hot one.  Time for a Windjammer breakfast.

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More Roatán pictures.
















After this it was back to the ship for a Windjammer lunch.  I'm not going to show all the food stations for lunch, there is just too much food, but I did find that was of particular interest.


This container was full when I first approached.  What can I say other than... yum.

After this and with the 1pm hour arriving that meant the slides were open.  No lines!

The Tidal Wave requires two victims passengers.  Fortunately a passing guest was eager to share a ride so we did it twice.  We almost got to touch the wall at the top.  We both resolved to return to the Windjammer to add a few more pounds in our quest to touch the top of the tidal wave slide.  

The Perfect Storm rides were also awesome and with no lines I got my workout in climbing the stairs several times.  I think I like the green one better, more interesting lighting effects.

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5 hours ago, Matt said:

Photo evidence that Twangster is not a robot....or at least a robot that emits a human like shadow


5 hours ago, Sabrinaklai said:

Lol!  I wondered if that was his shadow!  But I wasn't sure 🙃

I hate to break it to you, but twangster saw his shadow.   You all know what that means...

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