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On 3/5/2018 at 6:58 PM, KathyC said:

We're on May 18th too!  Did you see that there is a big boat race our day in Port Canaveral?  Whole area is going to be busy.  Not sure what you've got planned for the day, but our plans have now drastically changed.  We were going to meet up with periscoper friends at Grills for lunch, then take an Uber or shuttle to Cocoa Beach for leisurely walks along the beach.  I'm hoping we can at least get off for lunch, as the races are at noon and 2, hoping everyone vacates the port area to go to Cocoa Beach to watch.  But Race Village is located in the port (Fishlips) so not sure how many stay around.  Then I guess back on the ship. :( 


The speed boat race is a pretty big deal I guess.  They do a parade and everything.  I was taking a break at work one day and caught the parade in downtown Cocoa Beach...it was about 30-45min of big boats going down A1A.

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As discussed, here’s a few villa pictures!  3 bedroom (1 queen, 2 double), 2.5 bath Villa located in Old San Juan. AirBnB host has been great, and the property and location are incredible. 

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