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At the end of your sailing are you given gratuity envelopes or something of that nature? We may leave the auto-gratuity so even the "others" receive the monies (thanks so much for the previous breakdowns) but most likely will then recognize the superior service at the end in cash, should I bring individual envelopes? Thank you so much for your input.

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I just grab them from the steward's cart when I'm too lazy to go to guest services. 😂

Sometimes, at around Day 2, I ask the room steward about them very nonchalantly.  The subtle hint nudges them towards more exceptional service.  Not that their service is unsatisfactory to begin with. (As an aside, I've always gotten good room stewards and waiters in all my Royal cruises.)



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17 hours ago, DebAtSea said:

I like to bring thank you cards and put the money in that. 

We did this on Harmony last June. My wife wrote a quick note in them for the steward, waiter and assistant waiter along with an extra gratuity over the pre-paid ones. It was way less awkward then just trying to hand someone some cash.  I also found that it was a good way to teach my daughters about gratuities as they got to hand out the cards. They even asked the waiter and assistant for a picture because they got to know them so well.


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