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  1. Thank you! I'm going on the Mariner of the Seas. It should be a great vacation. I was thinking maybe Johnny Rockets that night.
  2. I've been on one cruise, but not on Royal Caribbean. I loved formal night (which will be dress your best.) But last time all we did was show up. The cruise line picked up our luggage from the airport and did all the heavy lifting. (We did a cruise tour.) This time I'm going alone. I'm going to Disney before and after, and I'm just not sure I want to lug around a party dress. Will the Windjammer be nuts that night? What are my other choices that will not cost more than $15? (I feel weird saying I can't afford a more expensive dinner, but what started as a cheap 4 day getaway has morphed into the thing that ate my credit card.)
  3. I went in June. It was utterly gorgeous. The weather was perfect. The thing I both loved and hated was this. There was no night, just twilight. I would love to go in September and hope to see the Northern Lights.
  4. I like to bring thank you cards and put the money in that.
  5. But years ago they didn't make you take off your shoes and feel you up at the airport!
  6. Is it wrong that I feel able to answer these with absolute certainty?
  7. It's kind of huge and can be an excellent resource if you want to research a question. But it's also the internet in miniature. It's weird how angry and unpleasant people can be. I don't really get how something as fun as cruising can inspire such rage and vitriol. Giving rise to sentiments like, "This is why we can't have nice things," and "Don't make me turn this car around!" Clearly here is where the happy funny good looking cruisers go.
  8. They should at the least give people the option to book a different room without penalty.
  9. This. Also it gives you the leeway to choose the cheapest flight of the day.
  10. Hi! Jet blue has flash sales. Join trueblue. Subscribe for emails, on Facebook and Twitter and watch them like a hawk. I'll just be obnoxious and brag... I just got fligh5s from NY to Orlando for 3400 points each way. I think it was a slightly better deal than cash, which was $59 each way. I agree about Hopper. Also Skyscanner and Google Flights will track prices on a specific flight. Oh! Travel Pirates. They send notifications about travel deals.
  11. Yes! That was you and that was me! Thank you!
  12. Thanks. It's Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Azamara Solo Cruisers. Nice bunch. Often not very chatty though.
  13. I was told that everyone was nice. That it was a fun place to be. And so far you all have lived up to the hype. Thank you all for being as advertised.
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