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Is internet worth it on royal Caribbean?

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On 8/19/2019 at 4:59 PM, tiny260 said:

It will depend on the ship, the older ships use older satellite connectivity and are slower, the newer ships have newer satellites and are faster.

I'm assuming here that you are referencing a Caribbean sailing, because Alaska and other parts of the globe change this.

IMO, yes, it is worth it, my wife can keep up with her Facebook and games and even stream movies.

But I will let the expert answer your actual speed question, @twangster

I do know this just got off alluringly Sunday I had the.voom it was ok for what I needed but t they had  satLite problems most of cruise and there app really sucked so 

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I find the internet to be quite good. If you have ever sailed on Norwegian (even their newest ships) RC internet blows them completely out of the water (no pun intended). I have even had luck using Wi-Fi calling depending on how strong your signal is (with Surf+Stream) package.So if I talk to someone using Cellular at Sea @ $5.99 minute, after 2 minutes, the plan pays for itself.

Some people just like to turn their phones off and for that I commend you but I'm just too addicted to the web lol.

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I'm a cruise newbie here.

I'm curious how do you guys keep in touch with each other on board?
For example, my mom and I, I might have to go for activities (Laser Tags, Escape Room...etc) while my mom be chilling out somewhere.
If we purchase only one device plan, how do we get a hold of each other?

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