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  1. we would love this as well...we live in the charlotte, nc area as well... not far from rock hill, sc and RC out of charleston would be fantastic for us.
  2. agree 100%...we are big disney fans and have been saying for years that they need something similar to the disney magic band system on cruises. fingers crossed.
  3. As far as the doors go, I highly doubt they would have to replace the whole door just to install a different type of lock activation mechanism. It is already electronic. The only difference is the method of activation of the lock. The only difference would be inserting a card vs holding an rfid chip close enough to it to activate it. Tons of hotels have retrofitted this kind of system onto existing doors. Also, I don't see any other reason for that picture than to show the new mechanism. And the cabins in the picture are VERY close to the one we booked on deck 11. I asked about this months ago
  4. WOW! that is awesome! happy for you...and hope we get a similar deal!
  5. $52 is still way better than $57...i think the best we have ever gotten was $49 and that was over 5 years ago. i have no idea how they determine the pricing, but it seems completely arbitrary. again in my case, same ship, same number of sea days, same private destination, just two months apart. very odd. we are locked in at $57 no matter what, so i'm just hoping it gets better at some point between now and april.
  6. we will be on oasis in april and the lowest the package has gone is $57. we bought at that price just in case, but that's the top end of what we are willing to pay. i fully expect it to drop more and we will cancel and re-purchase at that time. how can the prices on the same ship, with a sailing that is just 2 months later be that much more? i'm assuming/hoping it is because of the proximity to the sailing date.
  7. i agree! we want the use of the wow bands with or without door opening functionality (though it would be nice to have that too).
  8. i was going to start another thread, but not worth it for what should be a fairly quick question/answer related to the deluxe drink package: this will be our first cruise with a playmakers on board the ship on which we are sailing. can i use the package if i just walk up to the bar at playmakers? i don't really want to pay to eat there, but i'm guessing they will have some draft beer options that are not available at other bars on the ship, so i'd like to be able to get those without having to eat there. sorry to go slightly off topic.
  9. this gives me hope that our april 2020 sailing will come down to $49 - which would be 30% off the highest published on-board price.
  10. i just booked ours last night for oasis in april 2020 at $57/day. it had been at $65 for a while. $57 is still a bit high in my opinion, but palatable. hopefully there is another price drop on black friday or some other time before our cruise. their ___% off banners are complete fabrications and market manipulation. it was listed as being 20% off when the price was $65 as well...and initially yesterday it was still 20% off when the price had dropped to $57. it is now listed as being 30% off at $57. RC says that the “on-board pricing” is between 63 and 70. let’s just say it is 70...even discoun
  11. Try Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas. Absolutely stunning and great snorkeling as well right from the beach if you like.
  12. we will be on oasis starting april 12, 2020 so i'm curious about this as well. i'm not worried about it, per se, but interested in others' experiences with cruising during spring break.
  13. sure thing, RatedPG. in our experience, oasis was cleaner, the crew was friendlier in general (warmer and more customer service oriented), the food was somewhat better and the overall vibe was a bit more laid back and friendly.
  14. my thought (based on my experience/preferences) would be to go for each class and only try a different ship in that class if you didn't care for something about the ship you sailed on. by way of example, we have sailed on both oasis and allure. we vastly prefer oasis to allure, but we tried oasis first. if we had not tried oasis first and liked it so much, we might not have tried allure. while this is the opposite order of what i'm advocating, my point is that, had we tried allure first, we probably would not have tried oasis and would have missed what is now our favorite ship. i hope that mak
  15. i have to say that when i saw the name of this thread, my first thought was....BARBARA EDEN!
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