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  1. I think the new areas should be opened in February. That should triple the beach areas, and I’m sure the experience will be much nicer. More space for the crowds to spread out on.
  2. Internet was really bad on Chill Island. Didn’t really work at all. My wife said she had read a warning about that. Yes, at splashaway bay and oasis lagoon the connection was better. That was later in the afternoon when many had returned to the ship, so it could be related to smaller loads.
  3. Thank you for all the comments! Let me try to answer some of the questions: -Our sailing was December 8th-15th -I had looked at the perks for Sea Class here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-rooms/royal-suite-class I did not experience priority boarding, coastal kitchen dinners were available but at a late time that didn’t work for us with children, and we had some special shampoo etc but it was not L’Occitane-branded. So I was aware, but I didn’t really think the promises were lived up to -We ended up at Chill Island. If I’m not mistaken, the whole area including wacky sea
  4. We have now finished our first cruise. It was with the Allure, 7 nights going to St. Thomas, San Juan and Coco Cay. We were a family of four (kids 6 and 4), travelling in a JS. We had the drink package, Chops+1 and the Voom Surf+Stream for 4 devices. We are from Europe, Finland to be more precise. That was a bit of background to the following 3 positives, 3 neutrals and 3 negatives that I want to list below. 3 positives: 1. Entertainment The quality of the entertainment was high. Mamma Mia and the aquashow were fantastic, and I also listened to the guitar player in the pub
  5. Where have you seen this? I don’t see any issues in my cruise planner.
  6. We will be on the same cruise. Lots of firsts for me: first cruise, first time in Florida, first time in Caribbean. Only a JS for us, that was plenty of money for our family. Looking forward to it already, although my wife claims I have already experienced the cruise by spending so much time here and viewing so many videos in advance.
  7. Thank you for the replies. We decided to book the Magens Beach excursion, and then see on board if we can change it to the other excursion.
  8. Our family would like to book an excursion (sail to Christmas and Honeymoon coves) but are somewhat surprised that there is an age limitation of min 5. Our youngest is 4.5 at the time. Do you think I can call in and get this booked? Or is this a hard limit?
  9. Not the same thing, but similar. I booked our cruise via a travel agent. I also booked the beverage package. Still, the cruise planner keeps offering to me the same beverage packages I have already bought. So no, I don’t think the cruise planner is very smart in that way.
  10. For our Allure cruise in December, we are considering the Chops+1 package, and pre-booking Sabor as well (3rd specialty, wife wants to try it). Seems we save a few euros compared to the 3-night package, and we are guaranteed Chops on one of the first two nights plus we can pick the time for Sabor. Travelling in JS so no genie etc. Am I missing something here?
  11. I’m going to follow this thread. Going Dec 8th on the Allure and am in general interested how to figure out how booked the cruises are.
  12. We chose the JS partially due to the tub. It’s a part of our kids’ evening routine to take a bath, read a book, and then go to bed. Showering isn’t the same thing.
  13. As a first time RC cruiser, I am disappointed to read this thread. We are booked in a JS primarily for the added space (travelling with 2 children), and access to CK sort of clinched the deal. I did not see anywhere any disclaimers related to this. I feel that I need to lower my expectations towards our Allure cruise early December. First an itinerary change, then possibility of no access to CK. What more disappointments are there to come?
  14. I just booked surf+stream for 7 days, 4 devices on allure at 166€. This was a sale price and the lowest I’ve seen.
  15. I bought 4 device package for 166€ for 7 nights on the Allure for our December cruise. If I recall correctly, this was more than 250€ before the sale, so a good saving.
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