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Coco Cay Update( Video)

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I am going on the Harmony in early June and RC seems to think this is going to be finished and fully operational in less than 4 months, when I am there. I have my doubts and even if they do make a push and get it done, I would be concerned with the quality of the construction. I work in the construction industry and this place is still a minimum 8 months out to get it even close to all the simulated pictures and videos they have been showing for the finished product.

My family is just going to enjoy the various beaches here, I don't see a 'Perfect Day' in our near future.

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it wont be..don't be fooled.....the dock maybe..lol


its so far behind..its the Caribbean..nothing gets done fast or efficiently...takes years to build these things..


Going to be a lot of disappointed cruisers who booked this "prefect day at coco cay cruise" only to find out that its not what's advertised.....I wont say its a bait and switch as has been brought up on another thread..but its defn misleading at the very least....

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I’ll also be on there on Harmony in June. I cruise the Caribbean for the beaches and the water.  I typically pick ships with slides now because my daughter is just starting to enjoy them so the ship has that covered. As long as the pier is completed by then I’ll be happy.  

We did book the hot air ballon ride but won’t ruin my day if we don’t get to do it.  Once completed though,  it looks like it’s going to be one heck of place.  

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6 hours ago, Mondas42 said:

We are supposedly going on Harmony in July. Can’t see how this will be finished by then, and even if the pier is finished and we are allowed off the ship, who wants a day on a building site? Maybe a day to savour the ship whilst most folks are off me thinks.

I was just there, and the construction doesn't interfere with a nice beach day - I barely heard it and that was only when I went up to the fence, on purpose, because I'm farily  nosy.  

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We are on the HOS for the May 12 sailing 

We have the jet Ski excursion for all four of us

Daughter and boyfriend doing parasailing too

Do you think these are going to be available or it's up in the air?

I love a good beach day, just need a chair and food/drink and I'm great!

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The jet skis are from the beach side of Coco Cay so that should be available.  The parasailing use to be where the tenders came in, so that should be no problem either.  

We did the parasailing a few yrs back.  There are only about 8 people on the boat.  Make sure they bring their cell phone with them.  When we did it, we just handed off our phone to one and asked them to take pics.  One person brought a Go-Pro with them.  He was by himself and we all were in awe and laughing...he was literally doing back flips when he was up in the air.  Not saying that every boat operated would allow that, but ours did.  It is definitely worth the money impo.

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On 2/12/2019 at 5:12 PM, mattymay said:

I've rescheduled our September 2019 cruise until early next year as I'm not confident it will be completely finished even by then.

Coming all the way from Australia..  I'm not going to risk it!

We are cruising Feb 2020 and I'm hoping everything (or the majority of things) are completed by then! *fingers crossed*

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