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  1. The ones we just purchased through the Royal site have an effective expiration date in March or April 2022 (you add 3 mo to what is marked on the box as the expiration date).
  2. I have noticed that there is a great deal of variation in the competency and organization with different CVS branches. I suppose that could be really be said of any of the chain stores/restaurants. But because I once lived an equal distance between 2 cvs’s and used both and then recently moved residences, the disparity across the cvs locations is particularly evident to me. It is tough to trust anyone or any place with this particular task, a heavy duty “shot” of anxiety ahead of each sailing for sure @CrusingfromClayton that has been my experience with them for all tests/vaccines - there is a 2 week window.
  3. Oh we would LOVE you two to be onboard!!! Seriously! And you shouldn’t miss Eric’s birthday in 2022, we can just make that party; a tradition!
  4. Hi! Eric’s birthday will be on the day we board and we have some friends on board who will be celebrating an anniversary, so this is going to be a happy kind of cruise. So many of us going on the ship love it already and in our experience some of our best cruises are on these smaller, cozier, friendly ships. We really look forward to getting to know everyone! ”Lynn” and Eric
  5. It may be almost a year before sailing, but I am ready!
  6. It may now be 210 days away but we are still excited! I know many changes will likely occur between now and the Apr 2022 cruise regarding regulations and other matters, but hopefully it will be a great cruise regardless!!! 🛳 ”Lynn” and Eric
  7. This cruise has been through some changes - first we lost a day off the front and then our course was altered a bit also (we now will be in the following ports - Betamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We are just thrilled that we will be back on the ship. We will be doing a side to side, our cruise the week before will be on the Symphony. Hopefully this cruise will bring new friends and a great time for everyone! ”Lynn” and Eric CHARLOTTE AMALIE, ST. THOMAS PHILIPSBURG, ST. MAARTEN
  8. Well …after 40 minutes of searching (with blurry eyes so I gave it a little more time), I didn’t not find our November side to side cruises on this roll call,so will add them. We have had so many cruises canceled and at least these 2 were able to be lifted and shifted! We had some big moves this year and this will be our first vacation since our last cruise before the pandemic Nov 2019. Needless to say we are soooooo ready! it would be great to meet new friends onboard! Happy Sailing ”Lynn” and Eric
  9. Did you get a price adjustment by chance?
  10. True, it doesn’t give much time. But we would have contact the concierge the week prior regarding most reservations - in our case not a lot would change I guess. But it does Leave at one to wonder what “promotions” would not be applied (and the CNA points would be a moot point for Sky to Royal suite move). We like the cabins we have, so if we usually think if get moved that’s cool and if we don’t that’s cool. It’s usually a matter of bidding on one or two Royal suites, most of which are too big for the needs of just the two of us (especially considering another 6000 or so to the total it would add).
  11. I have never been certain of the true meaning of this (operationally that is) caveat. We have only bid for royal suites from sky level suites and haven’t bid anything much beyond the minimum (not willing to bid thousands more than we were already paying). But I can’t imagine paying out that much cash and them holding some benefit back (whatever benefit that might be - free drinks, full access to all restaurants, etc).
  12. @TXCruiser Thanks. I have not seen one of the tables for the 195–100 batch, but I know they do not sync with the lot numbers - expiration dates on 195-200 batch chart, so I have to assume that the expiration would be January 15 2022 based solely on the 3 mo extension. The rate at which everything related to this virus, directly and indirectly, is changing is making the getting solid information difficult (and then it changes )
  13. For some reason I can’t open that attachment, the error says “forbidden.” I guess the only thing any of us can do at this point is use the most conservative of the dates that we find. It is frustrating! But as a healthcare provider I can say it is far from the first time I have found conflicting reports/claims from representative of insurance companies (although this time we have a conflict between an insurer and a manufacturer ).
  14. @TXCruiser what did the attachment show? And do you show 12 months between those dates on your boxes?
  15. From Optum (the RCL link) it was 2 days for us. I think that is typical - they should have shipped that day or the next at latest. Their email is [email protected] and they respond within 24 hours (they have an 800 # but think they are closed now until Monday).
  16. UPDATE - I emailed Optum (UHC) directly regarding the expiration dates as I could not find verification for the kit lot we received (195-100). I did not want to assume in this case as the consequences for being wrong would be rather negative. This is the text of the letter that I received: “ Thank you for contacting the Optum Store. Since the launch of the BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card, Abbott has continued testing for product stability to extend the expiration date and have shared these results with the FDA. Testing has been completed to support a shelf-life (expiration date) of up to 12 months. On April 6, 2021, the FDA granted a 12-month shelf life to the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test. This means the expiry date you see printed on your test kits has been extended an additional three (3) months. For example, a test kit with an expiration date of 2021-09-27 (Sept. 27, 2021) will now expire 2021-12-27 (Dec. 27, 2021). This means the expiry date you see printed on your test kits has been extended an additional three (3) months.Please keep in mind that this letter was issued back in May of this year and batches with new lot numbers will not be on the list as it does not get frequently updated, however this shelf life extension still applies to products whose lot numbers were not listed here. Your product is still valid and I can assure you with certainty that it will still be valid up to 3 months past the expiration date listed on the box. If you have any additional questions please let us know. “
  17. Same question with have. I can find information on one 95–000 land 195-200 lots but zip on the 100 lot. Still searching!
  18. Since my mother had died 2 weeks before we boarded, it was all a little surreal, and having old and new friends onboard made it so much nicer for me! We didn’t post pictures of people at our little party because I didn’t think I should put pictures of people without their permission (although I wanted to. ). They’re great memories for us too! We enjoyed the big panoramic suite, it was definitely different than any suite we had been in prior. The downside is that there are two small bathrooms, but there is a small “second bedroom” that has bunk beds that would be great for people traveling with children). But that view!
  19. Hi! @FionaMG @BobWaterman We are the friends that Fiona discussed that had the chocolate cake. It was a wonderful birthday party and we had such amazing people there to help us celebrate Eric’s 60th! Fiona and Ferdinand made it extra special The good new is that it is super easy to get the cake, you go on to the Royal Caribbean gift url (https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/ , but it was malfunctioning today) and order it there for your cruise. I would confirm with the maître d’ a few days before the cruise and also note it with the room attendant at the beginning of the cruise. The cake is seriously delicious, you would not imagine that a cake on a ship would be that good, but it’s pretty amazing! I brought some napkins and little paper plates just to make sure we had something for the cake. I also made a special birthday topper. FYI, If I were you I wouldn’t bother with decorations via RCL (of course it depends on the age and gender of the recipient). You can get great, inexpensive sets of decorations from Amazon and I found it super easy to hang them up with the little plastic hooks that they supply into the metal structures on the ceiling. I will attach some photos to show you the cake and some of the decor. Happy birthday to your daughter and good luck with it all! Lynn
  20. For Symphony in Nov there were apparently were some 3pm slots then no time slots. I called them today finally and the rep booted it to IT. We will see. On our cruise the next week on Allure, there were two times offered on day 1 - 1:00 and 1:30. I don’t so much care about the time, but I do care about where to hang out with that many pieces of luggage after require check out from the hotel ????????
  21. Doesn’t seem a lot different from Golden Coral to me (or Ryan’s, or ...). We go if we are forced, only. But the sugar-free lemon cookies are worth a quick run through ?
  22. Good info! There are also some good prices on Oasis for fall - we paid a good bit less than usual for the crown loft on Oasis for November (too many cruises reserved lately so I don’t want to mislead by not being accurate on the price - seems like low 4’s. EDIT - I knew that I should not rely on my memory with 4 cruises in the hopper - I checked and the crown loft (sea view balcony) with taxes/fees was just under 3k each (2 of us booked). Pretty “suite” deal ? ?
  23. I had offers last year that I had no time to take, but there has been nothing during this crisis (and that has been a bit surprising). We’ve got so many booked through the fall and spring that I don’t think I would have any time for any free cruises (same thing that happened to us last year when we had more cruise opportunities than time to go). On the positive side, I did get to finally use some of those MyVEGAS points for OBC’s!
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