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“I Dream of Genie” – Star Class - Harmony of the Seas – 03/10/19-03/17/19

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We were on Anthem in Feb 2019 on B2B Star Class cruises (16 glorious days !!).  We had Yen Lee as our Genie on both of these cruises and while Yen is not a "I wanna be your bestie" kind of Genie, she is very efficient and professional.  I would be happy to have her again as my Genie.

I have been SC on both the O class and the Q class.  While I will always be a O class gal, I did really enjoy our time in SC on the Anthem.  There are so many things that, having a Genie, makes so much easier on the Q class ships.  We only did the bumper cars once (it was enough !) but being able to go to the front of THAT line was worth solid gold.  Also, getting to go to the front of the line for North Star any time you want to go, is pretty incredible. We did NS 4 times (twice on each leg) and I definitely prefer going while in port.  When you are at sea, well....not much to see except the sea.  We absolutely loved We Will Rock You (I think it's the best show Royal Caribbean offers on ANY ship) and got seats waaay up front the first time and back a little further the second time. I am not a huge fan of being up front but Dan wants to be right up front for some reason...  We did not do the IFy.  Dan was a real world sky diver and so the simulator didn't really appeal to him.  Yen got us front row seats for both Spectra (twice) and the cover band concert held in the Music Hall (twice).  BTW, I would NOT recommend getting seats right up front for Spectra.  There is a lot of activity that ends up behind you, if you are in the front.  I would request seats back a few rows rather than right up front.  Either way, you will not have to rush to get there before all of the good seats are taken.  That is very important for 270 unless you want to sit in the balcony.

Since you've been SC before no need to warn you about the SC food coma or the dangers of ordering the Seafood towers in Chops.  I'm sure you've already made those mistakes... we all do. On our SC cruise last week we asked our Genie (Joyce...incredible Genie) not to bring ANY unsolicited food to the suite at all.  We just can never eat it and I hate wasting food.  It was wonderful not to have food scraps all around and then feeling guilty about not eating it.  We did have individual meals sent to the suite, but that's different.  It's the random STUFF that they just send...all that fruit !!!  I suspect that if you have children on the cruise, it is nice to have a few things to have them gnosh on, but with just the 2 of us, it was just waaaytooo much.

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1 hour ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Sorry, Sabrina.  I didn't realize this was your old thread !!  once again, Raye #readthethreadtitlebeforeposting

No worries Raye. I am still surprised that this thread continues to live on. Maybe I should just use this thread to continue with our next SC adventure instead of starting a new one. 😄

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