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  1. 2 hours ago, LifesEz said:

    As a stockholder of a number of shares and calls, my hope is the Royal Execs see beyond the short term, even though it is important right now, and think long term. I do not expect my RCL to do better than my TeSLA. However, I do see this moment in time a fantastic opportunity to present an expanded version of 'Our Passengers Come First.'

    I have 'Diamond Hands' which means I intend to 'Hold' onto my shares long term and not sell. Though it does fit with the Loyalty status. I want Royal Execs to be thinking long term. I can ride out any small term pull back in good news impacting the stock. First responsibility is survival, next is long term survival.

    Execs to often in times of stress like these, trip over tomorrow's dollars to pick up today's pennies. Avoid having short term pennies block the vision of long term dollars. 

    Loyalty is another place where a small change can cost perhaps little or nothing, but make a big impact on customer loyalty. The distance between Diamond Plus and Pinnacle is huge. Sure, there are in between advantages. But you have to read the small print about 240 points additions, etc. What? Was someone too lazy to make those level breaks? Run out of gems for a new category? Did they think making a new category would widen the chart and make it too busy? That tiny dot is easy to read, folks. Those tiny 240 breakouts lettering down the left-hand column are not easy to read with older eyes. In case no one has noticed, the level to 700 points will take so much time that a majority of those reaching those levels will be older eyes.

    Think outside the box! There has never been a more important time to think that way in cruise line industry history. This from a person who worked for McDonnell-Douglas and retired from Boeing McDonnell-Douglas and knows the history of how it used to be Douglas Aircraft, but fell to McDonnell-Douglas.

    You do not do like Mr. McDonnell and order a case of peas, open each can, count the number in each can, and average them out. Then divide the number of Shareholders coming into the minimum number of cases that can be purchase. Finally, require the Chefs at the next Shareholders dinner to put exactly X-number of peas on each plate because that is the number of cases you are buying. Good idea on saving cases of peas. However, how much costs for the Chef's time? You either need to hire more Chefs, have the Chefs work longer hours to get the count right, or have Shareholders have to wait longer for a colder meal. All when you could donate those cases to charity and get a write-off. The later could result in lower per case acquisition costs because of the extra quantity of case bought, in lower Chef production costs, happier Shareholder in fresh served meals, and better PR image by a news release and big promotion of the donation event. All this beyond the good of being seen as community friendly for a small or perhaps, after all things considered, for little or no costs.

    Here is a current example of what I mean about the story of Mr McDonnell and the peas. I have a local well known sub sandwich company that recently switched to very thin sliced turkey meat. This is obviously some accountant's idea of saving money. However, with my management background, looking from the other side of the glass as the sandwich is prepared, there are two huge and obvious flaws. First, it is so thin it takes the employee longer to separate the meat, thus any advantage in reducing costs is lost in the increase of employee to make each sandwich. Second, the customer is right there looking at the struggle and recognizes they are spending extra time waiting while the employee struggles, plus the struggle highlights there has been a change in the amount of product for their same amount or higher payment.

    Sometimes, in the attempt to 'Save Cost for a Better ROI' and company bottom line, the best decisions are made looking at the entire system, not the projected numbers on a sheet of paper.

    As a stockholder, I do hope the Royal Execs are paying attention to this hopefully 'Once in a Lifetime' untypical opportunity. Watch knowing the situation is going to cause other lines to make significant PR  errors. To seek out, focus on, and promote places where with little or no costs, up to reasonable appreciation for future long term loyal customers and act swiftly and with force over the competition.

    I think to have chosen this time to expand and return to the Port of Los Angeles with a ship the size of Navigator, knowing the risk of being there with a smaller ship than the competition, is an example of such thinking. In a few years when the financials change, to double down and be the first on the West Coast with their own Cay would more than counter any competition in ship size or customer loyalty as right now the port selection is otherwise so small. It would change up the entire West Coast customer choice consideration, bringing in new customers and returning former customers they lost when they left the West Coast a decade ago.

    If Congress passes the Bill by Senator Lee eliminating the need to stop in at least one foreign port, there is another opportunity for Royal to leap frog the competition. They had Former Federal Health & Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt on their Safe Sail Committee. I know Secretary Leavitt and Senator Lee are friends, because I know both very well and helped both in their first election victories. That is a 'Little to Free' opportunity to work for the benefit of customers, if it has not already been happening behind the scenes.

    Avoid jumping to the quick strategy meeting of how to make the most profit at the moment. Think survival at the moment with eyes on long term. What resources are already or can be added for little or free to the Royal Execs Tool Box? How can they be used in these unusual times to exponentially grow the customer loyalty base long term? What is the true costs in finances and customer loyalty of each decision? Do we serve thin turkey that is harder to handle and impact customers time and wallet to their face? Do we count peas in a case and average out? Or do we consider all things in the system for short term survival and their long term impact?

    My apologies for the length.

    Only made it to "Diamond Hands"30 Rock Fellow Kids GIF by PeacockTV

  2. 17 hours ago, LizzyBee23 said:

    I also think the CDC needs to be put in check. It should be on politicians to implement such sweeping measures for this long... We don't get to vote for the CDC, and it's hard to argue we're in a true public health emergency anymore.

    You wanna put politician's, some of whom believe that Jewish space lasers started the California wildfires, in charge of public health decisions?

  3. 1 hour ago, RBRSKI said:

    Your health is your own decision and no one including businesses or the government should mandate what you put into your body.  

    So I'm assuming you didn't go to any sort of school growing up? No college? All establishments that require vaccinations for the good of the people. But by all means, let's just stop vaccinating now,  because all the nasty old diseases have been too far out of sight and out of mind to remind us how nasty they were. Polio, small pox? Bring it on! MDGA: Make Diseases Great Again

  4. 12 hours ago, Barna said:

    My wife and I won't be getting the vaccine for a whole list of reasons.

    We won't be wearing masks either - this is a vacation.

    Other than that we are Diamond, almost Diamond Plus and ready to get back to cruising.

    Being tested before boarding is fine. We are counting on the hysteria being over soon and RC drops any crazy requirements.

    Fully vaxxed person here, could you let me know what these side effects are? Thanksss

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