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  1. Uncle Joe needs to understand..We've been having cookouts for the past year and this 4th of July is no different..
  2. My wife and I will be in Palm Harbor next month... We've both had our 2nd shots, so we're good to go. CDC can't lay a glove on us.
  3. Instead of calling it a "Cruise ", let's call it a "Riot"(aka peaceful protest). Then the CDC will say nothing and look the other way.
  4. The Biden Administration implied the Super Bowl was a SUPER SPREADER event, among other events. ...Never Happened. So I personally would say to the CDC "COME ON MAN" .
  5. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings announced on Tuesday morning it has canceled its June 2021 cruises across its three brands: Norwegian, Regent and Oceania. The cancellations extend through June 30. Prior to today's announcement, NCL had cruises canceled through May. Is RCCL next ?
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