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  1. P.S. It’s important to remind people that vaccinations don’t 100% prevent Covid. HOWEVER, of the 5% that may still contract it, #1. your viral load will be significantly reduced, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood that you will give it to someone else, and #2. you are much less likely to become severely ill and require hospitalization yourself. That being the case, if everyone onboard is vaccinated, then even if someone does contract Covid while onboard, this should not result in an “outbreak” or be any more cause for concern than someone coming down with the flu. The CDC should
  2. IMO, people who love cruising will do whatever is necessary to cruise again, ESPECIALLY without masks. At least for the time being, proof of vaccinations AND a recent negative test should be required for all passengers and crew. Then no masks should be needed. A small price to pay so that everyone can enjoy their cruise as before. You can’t please everyone. Those who opt out will simply have to wait a bit longer to book a cruise. There are plenty of people willing to comply to fill your ships. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: If both vaccination AND masks are required, this to me is too much o
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