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  1. We are cruising May14th and will be diving with Buddy Dive. I booked this on my own through Buddy Dive. They have a great reputation as a dive center and are short walk from the pier.
  2. Can you request a deliver time or does it show up as they make the rounds kind of thing?
  3. Does each person in the cabin need to check for boarding time or just one? Also there is a group who have linked accounts can on person check in for all of them if they are not in the same cabin but have link accounts?
  4. Does Royal have a list of Caribbean ports that are requiring you to exclusively use the ships excursions and not venture out on your own?
  5. How early should we order the tests? We have a cruise in May. My concern is the expiration dates on the test kits.
  6. We did the same thing, we called and explained why my wife cant drink and they allowed for me to get the DBP and she didn't have to.
  7. What is the advantage of booking flights through Royal?
  8. The unlimited drink package went on sale today, it is 9 dollars less per day for this sale.
  9. Is there a plan for when everyone will be migrated to the new cruise planner?
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